Monday, June 16, 2014

Introducing An Extreme Marriage

My next book represents another foray into the relationship between what usually goes by the name "Domestic Discipline" and BDSM. As you know if you've read books of mine like EXPLORATIONS and Geoffrey's Rules, for me DD and BDSM are fundamentally related: in my opinion there's simply no doubt that DD is a form of BDSM. I know that there are a lot of DD practitioners who disagree very strongly. They probably shouldn't read An Extreme Marriage. This excerpt should give some idea why:
It began when Frank, frustrated beyond words that Jenny had once again incinerated dinner, lost in her private world as she practiced Chopin, had searched the 'net, on a whim, for the phrase "wife sabotages marriage." 
Buried deep in the search results was a note on an online bulletin board--actually on several bulletin boards, always the same note: 
Is your wife unconsciously sabotaging your marriage? Does she "forget" to do the simple things that would make everything run smoothly? She may have submissive desires she can't tell you about. Our "Extreme Marriage" wife-training program may be able to help. Open the door to a world of marital harmony--and marital sex--you never imagined. 
He had mailed the address given, and the Institute had mailed him back a preliminary questionnaire, and a release for an extensive financial check. The questions on the questionnaire all seemed very innocuous--they were all about his and Jenny's background and interests. It had been easy enough, and the Institute hadn't asked him for any really personal information, so he had played along. 
The Institute had sent him the husband's package at that point. Along with the full version of the application questionnaire, with long sections to be filled out by Jenny, as well as some to be filled out by both of them together, and a very clear schedule of exactly how much the program cost (a staggering amount), there were two pamphlets, one for husbands and one for wives, that Frank found he could not stop reading. As he read, to his slight embarrassment, he found that he always got hard, and would usually have to jerk off while he read the final paragraphs. 
The husband's pamphlet started innocently enough. 
Many men enter into marriage without acknowledging their dominant desires to their brides, or even to themselves. You know who you are. 
Did Frank ever.


  1. Intriguing concept for your book. Titillating, yes. But I wonder if a man who sits and seethes and then looks to a classified ad to fix things really a Dom? Does Frank learn about himself in the process? I am intrigued to see where you go with this.

    1. Oh, yes. The program trains husbands just as much as it trains wives.

    2. It sounds like it might be harsh. Can't wait to read.