Monday, June 16, 2014

The same-sex fantasy she never let herself think about #Taboo2sday

In my next book, An Extreme Marriage, the heroine has same-sex fantasies that have always seemed so taboo she could never even think about them.
Jenny exhaled, feeling her body shake with the effort of trying to say what she wanted to say. "So, I just remembered this thing that happened when I was eighteen, and I'd come home from college for the weekend. I must have. . . repressed it, or something. My mother had found my spanking book, and. . . and she burned it, and she gave me the ashes." 
Charlotte's right hand had flown to her mouth. "Oh my God, Jenny. . . oh, I'm so sorry. That's terrible." 
Jenny, to her surprise, because she'd managed to keep the tears back for quite a while, completely lost it when Charlotte expressed sympathy. She started to sob, and Charlotte went to sit next to her, and put her arm around her shoulders. Jenny thought about one of those scenes in Rosewood Academy, with the roommates--one she only ever read very quickly, and told herself she would never read again, but then seemed to read again--quickly, but maybe a little more slowly than the time before--the next time she took the book out.
The book should be out next week! 

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  1. Oooh, very nice. And I love how it just 'touched' on the character's thoughts of it being taboo.