Monday, June 9, 2014

Medical play as taboo #Taboo2sday

I didn't get to respond last week to Joelle Casteel's really interesting comment about medical being a hard limit for her. I find that really fascinating in light of how wide a range of kink Joelle enjoys otherwise. Partly because I'm proud of this book and partly to see what she thinks of it, I'm going back to medical for this week's snippet, but this time a less trigger-y section--which I think may still push certain taboo buttons around power-relations in our culture.
“Did you just come, you naughty girl?” Levi said, pulling his face back from her pussy. 
Kendra blushed and giggled into the pillow. “Yes?” she said. “Sorry. You just… know how to take care of me, Doctor.” She turned her face back over her shoulder, trying to get a look at him. “But… could you take care of me another way, maybe? I’m, um, on birth control.” 
“Roll over,” Levi said.

Here's the blurb--buy it here!
When her mother injures several people while driving drunk, eighteen-year-old Kendra Jackson rushes to the hospital. In the emergency room, Dr. Levi Hunter promises her that everything is going to be okay, but she cannot imagine how the handsome medic’s words could possibly be true, especially once her mother is sent to prison. 
Something about Kendra touches Levi, and try as he might, he cannot get her out of his head. Three years later, after another alcohol-induced crash—this time with Kendra behind the wheel—Levi pays her bail and brings her to his house to sober up. After examining her thoroughly—despite her protests and blushes—to make sure she’s not seriously injured, he offers to let her stay with him while she gets her life back on track. He warns her, though, that living under his roof means living with his rules… and breaking those rules will have consequences. 
Despite her shock at his promise to discipline her when her behavior warrants it, Kendra agrees to his conditions. She soon discovers that Levi is a man of his word, and when bad habits start to creep back into her new life, he takes her over his knee, bares her bottom, and spanks her soundly. When she continues to test his resolve, Levi shows Kendra that a punishment from a firm-handed doctor can leave a naughty girl’s face even redder than her well-spanked bottom. 
As their relationship blossoms into a passionate romance, Kendra is comforted by the fact that Levi’s discipline and love is something she can count on, and she begins to realize that no matter how many bad decisions she makes, he has no intention of ever giving up on her. But Kendra’s painful past still haunts her, and she cannot help but fear that what she has with Levi cannot last. Can she bring herself to obey her doctor’s orders and embrace her new life at his side?

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  1. aww I got mentioned in your intro :D this was a lovely snippet, I loved how she was able to stay what she needed.

    The thing with me and medical play is that all the medical professions are actually a phobia of mine. If I have to deal with a medical person- doctors (of any specialty, nurses, dentists etc), I have an immediate distrust of them. For mental health professionals, there's not a darn thing in the world that can make me be okay with them- even in casually, non-professional situations, I distrust them. As I've tried explaining to my Master, it's a simple "Can this person get me committed to the psych ward?" And we've talked about the legalities, the specifics like how long an adult can be held, etc. But when dealing with medical professionals, my mind forgets all those details.

    The way I can be okay with medical play is the further I can put myself from it, the more I can think "this is fiction, this is someone else reacting."

  2. Everyone has the right to their limits. Certain things just turn me off rather than on. That said, I would only allow medical play IF the dom was a doctor. It can be hot, but too many non-medical people think medical play is fun but don't know what the hell they are doing.

    I'd let Levi give me a pelvic exam *grins*