Friday, June 20, 2014

Visual spanking stories analysis: jeans down

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

I think the reason I decided to experiment with telling the story in dialogue alone, beyond it simply being a fun stylistic exercise, is that the picture suggests so strongly to a spanko like me the command to pull the jeans down to where they are on "Janine's" thighs. I don't know if my spankophilia blinds me to other possibilities, but I can't think of a reason her jeans would be there while she lies on her front other than that someone has told her to pull them down for a spanking.

The hotness of jeans and position is of course beautifully complemented by the hotness of the panties: certain times, and certain pairs of panties, are better served by having a girl leave them on during her punishment, don't you think?

Together those factors mean that when I look at this picture I hear a domestic discipline scene in my head, one that demonstrates again to me that the hottest part of a spanking comes from the interaction of the minds of the spanker and the spanked.

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