Friday, June 20, 2014

Husbands need extreme marriage training, too #SatSpanks

The wonderful Cara Bristol asked, in a comment on the post that introduced the premise of my forthcoming book An Extreme Marriage, whether the husbands who enroll their wives for "Extreme Marriage" training also receive training themselves. The answer is emphatically "Yes," and in fact much of the tension in the book comes from my hero Frank's need to understand how much he has to learn if he is going to become the dominant husband his wife Jenny needs.

In this passage, Jenny has just asked the program's director, Hayden, what will happen if she refuses to take the next step in the program (she has already consented to enroll, if Frank decides that's best, but now she's been asked to formalize that consent). 
"You'll go over the spanking stool there in the corner." Hayden pointed, and watched Jenny's eyes go for the first time to what had probably seemed to her an innocent little stool. "I'll help restrain you if that's necessary. Your husband will spank you, here, in front of me, until you're ready to proceed as he has decided you should. So, as I said before, the only decision you have at this moment is whether you're going to have to be spanked before you make the promises on the card." 
At that, she looked down. 
Before she could begin to read, Hayden added, "In case you're in any doubt, Jenny, the spanking you would receive would be a true punishment. We know how to give those here, and we're going to teach your husband to give them, too."
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  1. OOh What will she decide to cut her losses and continue or will she test her husband and see what he's made of? I think the latter. I hope we find out next week! Great snippet Emily :)

  2. Intense! I've always thought I'd enjoy a weekend boot camp, but wow.

  3. Great premise! Bottom boot camp sounds very naughty. PJ

  4. I'm with Leigh on this one. School sounds very scary. You do "tension" so well.

  5. I have a feeling you really enjoyed writing this one!

  6. Oh my goodness. Remind me NEVER to let my husband find a school like that!!!!!
    I don't think she will refuse. I love the sound of this book.

  7. Very intense. Good job!

  8. lovely way to bring in the detail of the husbands' learning :)