Thursday, December 12, 2013

Visual spanking story analysis: the Sade-reader

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

Positions can arouse me to distraction. This one is so perfectly realized, and the stockings so beautifully placed as "Justine's" only clothing, that the idea that she's holding her master's ashtray is just a little layer atop the simple beauty of her kneeling.

The book of Sade is almost beside the point, as are the chair and the smoking, but if they were otherwise I suppose the picture might not call out to me the way it does. Indeed, I simply can't tell whether I would be as affected if I hadn't read so much Sade as a blushing young sub just finding her orientation. That's why I make reverential reference to Justine, perhaps the most terrible of all the books I call "terrible." (One Hundred Days of Sodom is just so out there that I can't even categorize it, and it's unfinished to boot. Juliette doesn't arouse me very much at all; it's the virtue of Justine, so unjustly, and yet so very justly, recompensed that makes me think that there was a genius at the center of the madness called Sade.)

Holding your arms like that is devilishly difficult over any extended period of time, of course, so the effort involved probably plays its own part--as it does when Charles and I play this kind of game, which I call "being in waiting." It's rare that Charles gets anything done when I'm in waiting, but just having him even pretend to work while I kneel by him in lingerie or naked sends me into that special BDSM place in my mind, and makes both of us ready for the inevitable moment when he snaps his fingers and points to his crotch.

As I render in the story, preceding the scene with a sound spanking makes everything better, too.

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