Thursday, December 19, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: one extra, a school story

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(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

Her hands over her backside. That moment is so wonderfully submissive, isn't it? It says that the girl being chastised is indeed being chastised: her master has inflicted the intended discomfort in the area where such discomforts are best inflicted. More, the chastisement is severe enough that she can't help putting her hands back there, to shield, to rub the sting away.

And yet, her master will continue her chastisement: she should have no doubt as to that fact. She will receive every stroke her master cares to deliver, and she may well receive one extra for every time she puts her hands back.

Also starring the wonderful stiff strap that could well reach back a century, in the master's hands; his magisterial academic gown; the bottles on the side table; her lowered panties; and above all her eyes open, looking somewhere, submissively acknowledging that whatever she is looking at is
there, and she is here, over her master's desk, being punished.

Many thanks to Chris Watson, my Google Plus friend, for the suggestion, and for the offer to take over my chastisement from Charles as a substitute teacher! Goodness knows Charles has to do a great deal of it, and would probably welcome the break.

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