Thursday, December 5, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: over-lap attitude adjustment

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

I suppose there are many reasons why a submissive could find herself in this position. Certainly they don't all have to do with discipline. 

So don't get me wrong: I'll definitely settle for being in this position for any reason Charles wants. But I'd much rather have my bottom dominated the way the dominant here is doing to the character I name Gloria for disciplinary reasons.

Perhaps Charles has decided that my obedience with regard to my cell phone usage, or my correspondence, or my dedication to my continuing development as a fellatrix is wanting; perhaps I just looked at him funny. He should of course always dominate a bottom when he feels like dominating a bottom--what sort of sub would I be if I didn't desire to make sure master never lacked for a bottom to dominate?

But it's really only the transcendent erotic experience such domination can be if he makes it explicitly disciplinary; something about the basic connection of the backside to the earliest lessons we remember, perhaps?

So the essential hotness here, for me, is "Stephen's" hand on "Gloria's" bottom, with the very strong implication that his thumb is adjusting her attitude the way we anal-sub's love to have our attitudes adjusted. Add to that the pulling of the hair, the tension in the arms, and the look on her face, and you have a metlingly sexy picture. 

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