Sunday, December 22, 2013

The spanked castle: The Count's Discipline Cover Reveal

I'm thrilled to introduce the third "real book" I wrote, after those friends encouraged me at the end of the summer. This one is dear to my heart because it began in an attempt to imagine myself into the shoes of my medieval ancestors. I have a 28th great-grand-uncle named Robert de Bell√™me, who by all accounts was a really nasty guy. Moreover, he was clearly an early BDSM aficionado, in an age long before Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

What, I asked myself, if he had really been a spanko?
The moment when the legend of Robert the Monster, 5th Count of Gassein was born came at the very start of that long afternoon in the market square of Beaumont-sur-Louen, with the exemplary punishment of the baroness and her sisters, who claimed descent from Charlemagne and Merovech. Robert, still in his armor, strode straight up to her backside and, giving his gauntlets to his squire, began to stroke it. Well I know that knowledgeable exploration! His hand was never lewd when the occasion was not a lewd one, but always didactic, carrying in the count's fingertips this lesson, above all: "Now you will be chastised, and is it not a shameful thing that you should be thus punished upon your bare rump?"
The book comes out tomorrow--here's the blurb!
When Robert de Lourcy’s wife spurns his desire to spank her, the young count contents himself with disciplining other women of the court, until a rash decision to chastise the women of a captured castle arouses the ire of the local bishop and Robert is forced to seek absolution. In an act of penance, he visits a cathedral and stumbles upon a young girl named Sophia who has been set upon by robbers. Remembering his promise make amends for his sins, Robet takes pity on the destitute child, placing her in a convent so that she may be properly educated. 
When Sophia comes of age, the nuns at the convent grow more firm with her. The young woman is simultaneously drawn to their discipline but also unconvinced that their motivations are particularly noble. After Sophia’s education is complete, Robert brings her into his household to serve as his secretary. Though he has decided to never spank another woman again, when Sophia begs him to chastise her as the nuns did he cannot resist the opportunity to take her over his knee. 
The two begin a happy relationship based on Sophia’s acceptance of the count’s discipline, but he remains devoted to his wife until she dies tragically in childbirth. After that sad event, Sophia expects the count to marry another noblewoman, but will that new wife be jealous and send her away? Is she doomed to be cast back onto the streets from whence she came, or will Robert break the shackles of society and wed a commoner? 
Publisher’s Note: The Count’s Discipline is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. 
Also note that this book is written with a unique style: the story is told through a modern woman who has discovered an account of the life of Robert de Lourcy which was written by his secretary and chronicler, Sophia.

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