Friday, December 20, 2013

Knowing you've found your fantasy-partner: Caroline's Rocking Horse

One of my favorite moments from my new ageplay release, Caroline's Rocking Horse, is when Caroline, who's convinced herself that her husband George was only pretending to be into ageplay the first time they did it, realizes that he actually is the fantasy-partner of whom she's always dreamed. Would that we all could be so lucky!
"You can forget about that act, George. I know what you're trying to do, and it's not going to work." 
That made him furious, I could see, in turn. Really furious? Or acting furious? Shit, I realized, he was never that good an actor, was he? My reason was beginning to wonder if maybe it shouldn't have been so hasty. 
"Call. Me. Daddy," he said, quietly, precisely, and with the air of one who is about to put his hand around your throat. 
I felt my eyes go wide and my heart start to pound wildly. 
"Daddy," I whispered. 
He began to come towards me. As he did so, he actually began to slap the belt in his right hand across the palm of his left to emphasize his words. The gesture did nothing for my sangfroid.
The blurb (buy the book here!):
Caroline Dawkins is a professor of English who has never confessed her age-play and spanking fantasies to her husband, George Lane, a corporate attorney. After George comes home one night and finds Caroline pleasuring herself, over the course of an extraordinary month Caroline and George utterly transform their erotic life together in the pattern of those taboo fantasies.  
From the lovely, degrading preparation and inspection of Caroline's charms, to the dark erotic practices she never thought she would get to try, George and Caroline taste the forbidden delights of age-play and connect emotionally as they never imagined they could.

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