Monday, December 2, 2013

Rebooting EXPLORATIONS. . . The Bride's Ordeal, forthcoming

I'll admit to not knowing whether this makes the slightest bit of sense, but, as promised, I'm going to do a second edition of EXPLORATIONS, divided up differently and without the confusing numbers and multiply multiple titles. Also, there will be some editorial refinements to make the whole thing a little easier to understand and digest.

Also, my eyes will definitely be green.

The first release of the second edition, in a week or so, will be The Bride's Ordeal, which corresponds to Books 1-8 of the first edition, and takes fantasy-me through my wedding-night and honeymoon, ending with the fun little Perseus and Andromeda role-play that shows that we're back home in Greenwich, being kinky. My biggest worry is that someone will buy something s/he already has, and get mad, so I'll try to label very carefully, but if you should happen to have any questions about what bits of the story can be found where, please let me know!

Here's one of my favorite excerpts from The Bride's Ordeal to whet your appetite:
The thong had a silk strap that went between my bottom-cheeks and came up against my bottom's little flower. It had a front made completely of ivory lace, and a pink bow over the place where my bare lips began. My pussy was for my husband, now. It was the kind of thought I'd had before Story of O, so I have to say in retrospect that I was by my own standards pretty obtuse not to recognize that my need for, frankly, anal domination was an existential thing. 
So the porn was porn, and although it led to me kneeling naked in front of my best friend, while she held up her tennis skirt and dared me to pull down her panties and kiss her pussy, if I was serious about us being special friends (Sarah was clearly curious but in need of reassurance that I wasn't mocking or entrapping her), and although that little scene in the shower led to a wild afternoon locked in her bedroom, the two of us naked in front of her computer as we shared our favorites and imitated the girls on the screen; although all of that occurred and I went home from Sarah's with my newly-shaved pussy feeling strange and sore in my blue cotton panties--nevertheless I wasn't going to tell Charles.
And, without further ado, the stunning revelation of. . . the BLURB!
As he waited for Emily to emerge from the bathroom, Charles Smith contemplated the night, and the week, ahead. He had anticipated this moment for so many weeks, in mingled expectation of her resisting his dark desires and perhaps-not-unfounded hope that she might welcome them, that he now felt the need for some reflection as to just how to bring her around to do the things he had so long fantasized requiring of her. 
The first volume of the second edition of Explorations tells the story of the BDSM wedding-night and honeymoon I always wanted, from shamefully pleasuring myself in the bathroom of the honeymoon-suite to paying a terrible price for that pleasure at the hands of my husband Charles. Mf, ff, anal, spanking. 
This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, ff, anal, caning, spanking. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults. 
This book is the first volume of the second edition of Explorations. It contains a revision of material previously released as all or part of the following books: Emily's Submissive Wedding-Night; Emily's First Submission; Emily's First Spanking; Emily's Second Submission; Emily's Dark Gift; Emily's First Caning; Emily's Little Trainer; Emily, Ravished by Porn; Explorations: Books 1-5; and Explorations: Part 1 (Books 1-16). 

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  1. Hey Emily, One thing we did when we re-released one of my books (which I'd originally self-published) was make a note in the blurb to say it was originally published as Liaison. Not a single person was mad but then again, I hadn't sold that many copies ;)

    Good luck.