Friday, December 6, 2013

That very special first: cover-reveal plus #CorbinsBend

The cover of the first book of the second edition is a detail from Frederic Leighton's "Godspeed!"

A first spanking is a very special moment for any spanko, I think, both at the time and then later, in ever-living remembrance. I know my actual first spanking certainly was, and I tried to dramatize it for my fantasy-avatar to make it special for her, and for the reader, too.
Charles studied her downcast face where she knelt at the side of his legs, her pink-white shoulders, and saw where they were going. 
"Emily, is this your obedience?" 
She shook her head, still looking at her hands and his, in his lap. 
"Emily, if you will not tell me what I asked, there is nothing else for it. You must be punished. You must lie over the arm of the sofa, Emily, and learn a lesson." 
"Oh, Charles! Oh, sir! Oh. . . p--please. . . P--please don't. . . d--don't spank me. . ." 
"If you will not obey me, my dear, I have no choice. Now lay yourself down, and don't make a fuss. A grown-up girl like you needs to learn what happens when she disobeys her husband." 
Emily was shaking all over, but with only a slight hesitation she arose, in her pink nakedness and her lacy panties, and lay herself over the sofa-arm.
And what would a book post be without a blurb?
As he waited for Emily to emerge from the bathroom, Charles Smith contemplated the night, and the week, ahead. He had anticipated this moment for so many weeks, in mingled expectation of her resisting his dark desires and perhaps-not-unfounded hope that she might welcome them, that he now felt the need for some reflection as to just how to bring her around to do the things he had so long fantasized requiring of her. 
The first volume of the second edition of Explorations tells the story of the BDSM wedding-night and honeymoon I always wanted, from shamefully pleasuring myself in the bathroom of the honeymoon-suite to paying a terrible price for that pleasure at the hands of my husband Charles. Mf, ff, anal, spanking. 
This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, ff, anal, caning, spanking. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults. 
This book is the first volume of the second edition of EXPLORATIONS. It contains a revision of material previously released as all or part of the following books: Emily's Submissive Wedding-Night; Emily's First Submission; Emily's First Spanking; Emily's Second Submission; Emily's Dark Gift; Emily's First Caning; Emily's Little Trainer; Emily, Ravished by Porn; EXPLORATIONS: Books 1-5; and EXPLORATIONS: Part 1 (Books 1-16). 
And the Corbin's Bend tease. . . let's pull this from Professor John Dunn's perspective, as a co-ed tempts him beyond all reason. . .
Sitting there in his office, with Sarah, her hand still on his lap because she apparently hadn't thought to remove it, waiting for the correct moment to answer her question ("Sir. . . what do you mean?") in the wake of the incredible surge of arousal he had felt when she had actually called him "Sir," he thought back to how excited he had been when the Rector of the little parish had said "And, since you're a Head of Household, I'll need to familiarize you with our practice of penitential spanking; it usually makes sense for a new HoH to witness one of the single girls' sessions. Are you free after coffee-hour this Sunday?"
And a bonus Corbin's Bend hint. . . Happy birthday, Lazy Day!