Friday, May 8, 2015

When reading a spanking book gets you spanked #SatSpanks

In honor of Bought and Trained being on sale for $0.99 this month, I'm sharing one of my favorite snippets.

Leo looked back at Rose. “I’m just going to have a little look in your bedroom, Rose. Do you think I’ll find anything naughty?”

Her only response was to widen her eyes. She knew what he would find, as did he. He went into the bedroom, and straight to the top dresser drawer. Under her lovely panties and bras, he found a copy of Penthouse Forum dated two years before and a worn copy of a spanking book called Schoolgirl Tales. He also found a cute little pink vibrator. He brought all these out, and laid them on the couch in front of her.

Well, I ran out of sentences, but maybe you'll want to see what happens then? Click here to buy the book!

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  1. Can you say, "Oops?" My feeling is that those three items are not on his approved list for her. Poor girl, but great snippet.

  2. Emily! That wasn't nice to leave us hanging like that...I just bought the book to find out what happens! :-)

  3. You know you planned that, you little tease.

  4. Naughty contraband will do it every time!