Friday, May 1, 2015

Her first school birching #SatSpanks

This little scene occurs soon after my snippet of two weeks ago. Miss Halton, the schoolmistress, is speaking.

“Now you are to obey Mrs. Fayerweather, who most assuredly does have the power to ask Michael to birch you. I will hold your hands while you receive your lesson in humility, and it will be over quickly.”

Anne saw her nod to someone behind Anne’s back, and at the same time she loosed her hands from Anne’s and then took Anne’s wrists firmly in her grasp. Anne started, and tried wildly to turn around so that she could beseech Michael to be gentle, but Miss Halton held her fast, and all Anne could do was catch a glimpse of the man bringing a bundle of branches down upon her poor defenseless bottom.

“Ah!” she cried.

“Turn you back to Miss Halton, now, miss,” Michael said, not unkindly. “That will make it easier.”

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  1. I guess Anne is receiving a lesson in humility because she didn't accord Mrs. Fayerweather the proper respect. Not good.

  2. You write such intense scenes, Emily. Well done.

  3. No one does schoolgirl spankings like you, Emily!