Monday, May 18, 2015

"Joe's done the right thing, not having you here," the preacher said #Taboo2sday

The whole story so far can be found here.

While Lori-Anne had to hold her bottom open to show the preacher where her fiancé would take his pleasure on her wedding-night, the man of the cloth instructed her on her duties as a Christian wife. He put his finger right on her little Lori-Anne pussy, much too small and round, and said, "Some call what men like your Joe and I do back here, to girls like you, irregular, but it's the only way to make sure you understand what it means to a good girl, now isn't it?"

"Yes, sir," Lori-Anne whispered.

"Joe's done the right thing in not having you here, yet. Have you done the right thing by giving him your mouth regularly? Does he pour his seed down your throat when the need comes upon him, as it does upon all Christian men?"

"Yes, sir."

"Go ahead and show me now, girl."

Keep the taboo going!

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