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The super-naughty Kallista Dane answers Emily's questions

My friend Kallista Dane was one of the very first people to say she loved a book of mine. Ever since then, of course, I've thought she had marvelous taste. ;) She also happens to be a superb writer, with a cool new book out!

Why do you write?

Great question, Emily.  I started writing erotic stories as a way to introduce my husband to some of my naughtier secret desires, but he’s just not a reader.  So I ended up sending one off to a spanking book publisher.  To my shock, they bought it and asked for more.  Now he’s my biggest fan - but only if get dressed up and then act out the stories.  He still doesn’t read them! 

Who's a favorite character from your own work, and why?

I’d say the main characters in whatever book I’m working on at the time are my favorites.  I get caught up in their lives.  Sometimes they wake me up at 4 AM with some new plot twist and then I can’t sleep until I get up and write it all down.

Who's a favorite character from someone else's work (erotic or non-erotic) and why? 

My all time favorite is a real person.  Years ago I found a book of incredible photos of people from the Masai tribe.  The photographer was a 78 year old woman who dyed her hair blonde, traveled to Africa all by herself and hired a gorgeous young Masai warrior to drive her around and be her translator.  That’s the kind of feisty old lady I want to be - talk about a cougar!

Kallista continues…

Thanks so much for having me as your guest, Emily.  I’ve brought along a treat just for you and your readers - an especially naughty excerpt from my new book His To Command.

In this scene, Amanda Jane has arrived on Neodyma, sent there on a secret mission from InterStellar Command. But she’s been discovered masquerading as a man - a crime in this society - and sentenced to be medically examined before being publicly spanked in the square that night. They’ve just tied her to the exam table...


His eyes locked onto hers once more and he reached down, fingers stroking the area around the puckered bud of her anal opening.  The slick substance he’d coated his hands with felt cool at first, but as he continued, the sensation turned to warmth.  He watched her face as he slid the tip of one finger into her tight bottom hole.  

AJ could feel her cheeks turning a bright crimson.  The thought popped unbidden into her mind that her lower cheeks probably held the same crimson blush after the spanking she’d gotten.

His finger moved deeper and suddenly the warmth she felt turned into a burst of heat.  AJ tensed, automatically tightening her muscles.  The heat intensified.  She wanted to squirm away but that would only earn her another spanking.  She squeezed her eyes shut, trying desperately to hold back tears.  Fire tore through her and he kept delving deeper, taking the burn further into her back passage.

This time she couldn’t control herself.  She began whipping her head from side to side, crying out.  “Please, stop!  No more.  I can’t take it!”

Thelo let out a wicked laugh and began moving his finger in and out.  AJ thought she would die of shame.  This barbarian was…he was…fucking her rear passage.  She closed her eyes and tried to will away the powerful sensations but it was impossible.  

She heard the soldier at the head of the table utter a low animal grunt.  Her bottom was stinging, her vagina aching for release, and the heat of whatever spices he’d infused the oil with had her bucking wildly on the table.  Instead of stopping him, every gyration of her hips drew Thelo’s finger deeper.


When Amanda Jane Norris sets out on an undercover mission to infiltrate the ranks of a rogue general on the planet of Neodyma, a world which has turned its back on modern technology, she has complete confidence in her ability to complete her task. But then things go terribly wrong…

Captured by the power-mad general, Amanda’s ordeal begins with a thorough, intimate physical examination which leaves her both utterly humiliated and helplessly aroused. Her body’s intense response to the embarrassing procedure ensures that she will be sent to join the harem the general provides for his men, but only after she is punished for her failed attempt at espionage. After a long, hard spanking in the public square, Amanda is fitted with the red tail of a harlot and prepared for her training.
She is given first to Kaden, a warrior on a secret errand of his own. He quickly proves more than willing to compel her submission with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom, but his plans for her are very different from the general’s. When Amanda first experiences the intense pleasure that a man’s mastery of her body can bring, it is unlike anything she has felt before, and though it fills her with shame she is left begging for more. But can she afford to risk asking for Kaden’s help bringing down the general?
Publisher’s Note: His to Command is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive anal play, elements of medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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