Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Submissive sorcery: what Emily is up to

My new project, tentatively entitled Dominion's Enchantment, envisions a fantasy-world where submission unleashes elemental powers of magic.

Qual picked up the skirts of her blue silk gown, and walked quickly toward the wagon, and then around it, until she could step on the running board, and pull back the flap.

Inside she saw two naked girls, bound side by side to the bench on the right side of the wagon. They wore identical expressions of surprise and alarm, but it was instantly clear to Qual which one had the capacity that presented such a challenge even as it promised greatness for Castle Jey and for Lord Jetal in the future.

Qual wished she could risk taking back her imagination's cock, just so she could confirm what her eyes told her so strongly, but without the texture she could not help craving even as she saw its danger: this girl's submission--the blush that came to her pale cheeks beneath her startled green eyes--had an enchantment Qual had never seen before.

The other girl seemed pretty enough, and submissive enough: her sizable breasts heaved nicely, but Qual's eyes, even in the first few seconds she had ever seen these two, could not keep themselves anywhere but upon the body of the smaller, black-haired girl, who moved her hands now to her breasts, in a modesty that Qual thought must be driving the knights in the tower wild.

"Aler," she called, behind her. "Are you there?"

"Yes, mistress," she heard, from the other side of the wagon.

"Go tell Lord Kesin that the knights are all to go in to girls, right away."

"But mistress…"

"Yes, Aler, I know how much power it will spill. But I don't think even the bar on that door could keep this girl from being ravished before I prepare her. I imagine Kesin already knows this, but tell him that I promise to repay that spilled power fivefold at the new girls' first mastering."

"Yes, mistress," Aler said dutifully. Qual heard her footsteps receding. Then she heard the servers outside raise the bar and open the door to the little handmaid.

Qual waited until the heavy door had been closed again, and the bar replaced, before she turned back to the girls in the wagon, whose expressions of fear had begun to recede a little as they became familiar with this new stage of their journey.

"What are your names, girls?" Qual asked gently.

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