Monday, January 5, 2015

First anal for two college freshwomen: Old-Fashioned Values

Well, I said last Monday that I thought that I brought the hot with the sweet in this book…

On the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, John told him about the idea he’d had for that night. Mark couldn’t believe the effect that Rachel had had on John. He remembered what the older man had been like when Carol Baxter had been around, and it was kind of like that, but there was something even more buoyant and joyous in John’s air now, as if Rachel were making him young again. Also making him mischievous, apparently, or even wicked. “You haven’t had Sally’s ass yet, I imagine?” John said as they gazed over the rail at the receding shoreline of Cape Cod. The girls were inside having hot cocoa.

“John! Seriously?”

“Fine if you don’t want to answer the question, but I have a feeling you’ll like my idea.”

Mark turned to look at him. John was grinning back. “Dude,” Mark said—which was something he called his male peers, but was pretty sure he had never called John before. “I guess I thought that you were, I don’t know, more of a gentleman.”

John laughed. “Well, yes. But now that we both have lovely submissive girls to fuck, it’s time for us to be old-school gentleman together. We would never say such things in front of a woman—at least if others were liable to overhear. But between men, such things have always been savored.”

Mark felt himself frowning as he thought about this. Savored. He certainly couldn’t deny that there was something incredibly exciting about talking with John about Sally.

“Alright, no. No, I haven’t… had her… there.”

“And I haven’t had Rachel’s backside either. So I propose that we do that tonight. I’ve brought two bottles of lube.”

Mark shook his head in disbelief.

“I’m serious,” John said. “I think we should announce it to them over dinner. Don’t tell me you’re not hard.”

“Jesus, John.” Mark laughed, because he couldn’t help it. “Won’t the girls get mad?”

“They might,” John said, not as if he were admitting a problem with his plan, but as if he were explaining his vision. “We might have to spank them.”

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