Monday, January 5, 2015

Lori-Anne's dreams of her bridal veil #Taboo2sday

The whole story so far can be found here.

When Yolanda had finished with Lori-Anne's makeup and hair, Kay announced that the time had come to go dress-shopping. Lori-Anne could hardly contain her excitement as her future sister-in-law led her through the gilded front doors of the uspcale, urban bridal shop they had driven almost an hour to reach. She had dreamt of this day for so many years: she had swooned over visions of herself in white tafetta and shining, tasteful beadwork, and she had melted above all as she thought of her veil.

Lori-Anne wanted a long, long veil all of French lace. She wanted the veil to have a blusher so decorated that she could barely see Big Joe through it, until he chose to lift it from her face. It made Lori-Anne's ungainly clitoris so very hard when she thought of Big Joe lifting that veil, and uncovering his bride. Sometimes she wondered whether he might have her keep the veil on until he brought her back to the honeymoon suite, so that he could lift it again, in private, and then teach her how to use the mouth he had uncovered to give him the pleasure he deserved, as her husband.

The saleslady at the bridal shop looked at her a little oddly, and Lori-Anne blushed. Whenever Kay took her places where her femininity wasn't taken for granted--where they didn't know Kay, and Kay's transformational work on girls like Lori-Anne--she felt very shy. Kay might embarrass Lori-Anne sometimes herself, with her talk of the way Big Joe would use Lori-Anne for his special pleasure, but Lori-Anne always felt very grateful to her when, as now for instance, she could face down the saleslady and say, "Lori-Anne will stay in the dressing room, and I'll go ahead and bring her dresses and veils."

Don't stop with the taboo!