Monday, January 26, 2015

A submissive imprinting ceremony: Stolen by Her Master

The idea for this book came from a fun "what-if": What if it were possible to breed submissives to love their masters, and only their masters? In this scene, my hero watches a video of an imprinting ceremony.

The screen showed a small but elegant room, where an older woman sat in an armchair, in front of an artificial but very realistic-looking fire that blazed on an antique stone hearth.

“Imprinting is a beautiful, erotic experience for a Yeg girl and for her new master,” the woman said. “While the exact course of the ceremony can be easily adapted to your wishes as your girl’s owner, there are certain elements that must make up part of any imprinting ceremony, and we have recommendations as to the rest of the events. In this video, we’ll be following the story of a real imprinting: you will see what happened when a girl named Heidi imprinted on her new owner right here in this room, which we call the imprinting chamber.”

The camera panned around the room, showing that it contained an enormous, elegant modern bed and what could only be some kind of spanking bench, suited to restraining a girl for punishment. The shot dissolved to the same room, lit slightly differently, and now apparently empty. On the bed now was something that could only be the masturbation saddle Harris had mentioned.

The door opened, and a dark-haired, fair-skinned young woman entered in her blue-striped briefs and halter. She looked very nervous, but also wore a hopeful expression, as if she didn’t know what would happen now, but she thought it would be good.

“This is Heidi,” said the same woman’s voice. “She’s been brought to the imprinting chamber because her new owner has decided to purchase her contract.”

Heidi went to the bed, a little uncertainly, and sat upon it.

“Heidi has been told to prepare herself by pleasuring herself nearly to a climax. She has been told that her master is watching, and that she will be punished for any faults she shows in demonstrating how much she wishes to please him. This is of course a difficult assignment for Heidi, because she has never seen a man’s cock, and does not understand about how sex really works; she must use the submissive instincts bred into her.”

On the screen, Heidi took off her halter and briefs and climbed onto the bed, crouching atop the little saddle, which seemed to be a very firm cushion with a plush surface except where it touched Heidi’s pussy; there the saddle seemed to have a bumpy, shiny ridge, made perhaps of plastic, for a girl to rub her clit and pussy-lips on.

“One of the true requirements is that a girl be aroused when she imprints, and so this ride atop the pleasure saddle is an unchangeable feature of the ceremony,” the narrator went on as on the vid Heidi rode the masturbation saddle with her eyes closed, supporting herself on her elbows and biting her lips as she posted lewdly up and down. In close-up, the screen showed her slippery cunt rising and falling, rubbing back and forth over the lewd saddle. Hend wished he had seen the option in the menu; right now he desperately wanted to watch Leka doing exactly that. “We find that the first days of a girl’s service to her new master tend to go more smoothly if she associates his manhood with her own arousal from the very beginning.”

Heidi’s passion for the saddle grew and grew, and she began to cry out, “Oh, sir… oh, sir…”

The door opened again, and a man entered, wearing a red bathrobe. Heidi whirled atop the saddle, eyes and mouth wide in startlement, face blushing furiously.

“Heidi has never seen a man in the flesh before,” the narrator intoned. “But watch how she reacts, aroused as she is and knowing that he is her master.”

Heidi moved like a cat, getting off the bed in an instant and kneeling before her master, with her eyes downcast. Hend found that even watching the scene on video, his own pulse was pounding. Heidi’s owner, a tall, reasonably handsome man with ash blond hair, said nothing, but untied the belt of his robe and shrugged it from his shoulders, to reveal his erect cock, which pointed toward Heidi’s face as he grasped it arrogantly in his right hand.

“Here is what I have for you,” he said in a deep voice then, with a very strong Germanic accent. “Look at it, Heidi.”

Almost against her will, it seemed, because of the shame of being seen riding the masturbation saddle so passionately, Heidi looked up. She gasped at the sight of the erect cock of her new owner.

He said something that was either in a different language, or consisted of nonsense syllables. Hend had no idea what it was, but it sounded like “Yerquo yertin mawet pezben.”

A radiant smile spread across Heidi’s face. “Oh, sir,” she whispered, without taking her eyes off her master’s cock. “Oh, it feels… it feels so wonderful. May I… touch it?”

“Not yet,” Heidi’s owner said. “Get on the spanking bench now. I’m going to punish you for the first time.”

“Yes, sir,” Heidi said. “Thank you, sir.”

As Heidi moved to rise and obey, the narrator said, “Heidi’s master learned the four-word phrase from his girl’s trainer, just before he entered the room. As you just saw, as soon as Heidi heard that phrase, which had been designed into her very DNA to make her imprint, her master’s cock became the most important thing in the universe to her.”

Heidi’s master began by spanking her with his hand. “You belong to me, now,” he said, and gave her five spanks on the milk-white ovals of her shapely bottom-cheeks, alternating sides as he went. “And your little pussy belongs to me.” He gave her five more spanks, and she yelped at each one.

“Again,” said the narrator, “a punishment at this point is not absolutely necessary, but we have found it to be very beneficial for the girl, and pleasurable for the master. As you’ll see, Heidi’s master chooses to awaken her right there on the spanking bench, a course that many men enjoy.”

“Do you know what your pussy is?”

“No, sir!”

“It’s this part,” said Heidi’s master, putting his hand there, where Heidi was easily accessible because of the way her knees were spread to either side of the spanking bench.

“Oh, sir… I’m sorry…” Heidi gasped, as her master fondled her. “But they told me…”

“I know,” he said softly. “It’s alright. It’s alright.”

Heidi moaned now, and tried desperately to ride her master’s hand the way she had ridden the saddle on the bed. But her master took his hand away, and went around to Heidi’s face, brandishing his cock. “This is my cock,” he said. “How do you feel about my cock, Heidi?”

“I love your cock, sir,” Heidi said without hesitation.

“I’m going to put it in your little pussy now, Heidi.”

“Oh, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“It’s going to hurt, at first.”

“Yes, sir.”

“But after that, it will feel good.”

“I know it will, sir. Somehow I just know that.”

Heidi’s master went around to her bottom again. With a little grunt of satisfaction, he found the place where Heidi’s cunt opened to the sheath he clearly could not wait to have around his cock. Heidi cried out as he pushed, and he put his hands around her hips and drove in forcefully.

Heidi screamed, and her face became a mask of woe for a moment, but then she whispered, “Sir… I love you,” Heidi said. “Thank you for putting your cock in me… I love it so much.”

As Heidi’s master began to fuck his new girl vigorously, the scene dissolved back to the older woman in the chair. “As you can see,” she said, “the imprinting process makes for remarkable results. When you purchase your girl’s contract, we will take great pleasure, ourselves, in helping you plan your own special version of what you just saw. All you need do is call the concierge when you are ready. As soon as your funds clear, we’ll schedule your imprinting ceremony.”

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