Friday, January 30, 2015

In which Emily does the full Victorian #SatSpanks

If you know me at all, you know I love this stuff--maybe more than any other mode or genre. Please be warned: it's NOT Victorian ageplay. This is real Victorian erotica, only the tiniest (legalizing) step away from such classics as "Sub-Umbra, or Sport Among the She-Noodles" and "My Grandmother's Tale, or May's Introduction to the Art of Love." It's got some medical elements, but it's old-fashioned medical. I present to you Innocence Examined.

In this scene, Sir Gerald Carruthers' enjoyment of Anne, his mistress, has just been interrupted by the intrusion of his ward, Caroline Hollins. Anne has expressed her displeasure, but Sir Gerald will not put up with any nonsense.

He bounced Anne's bottom upon his cock, making her cry out in discomfort, and said, "Quiet, Anne, or I shall have to birch you as well for this spiteful conduct. Miss Caroline is a gentleman's daughter, and you are a trollop who wears fine dresses because you know your place, which is right… here…" He bounced her again as he spoke, making her scream. Anne had, in truth, sprung from the middle-class, but Sir Gerald never missed an opportunity to degrade her, in the throes of passion, seeing as to do so stoked the flames of passion in both of them.

Caroline said, seeming to evince real concern, "Are you hurting her, Sir Gerald?"

"No…" gasped Anne, "He's… not hurting me… really, you silly girl." Caroline's eyes grew even wider at the sight of Anne going up and down on Sir Gerald's cock, though the actual motions still of course lay hidden behind the veil of Anne's shift.

"Go away, Caroline, or I shall have to birch you right now--and in the morning."

Caroline's face crumpled into sorrow. "No one tells me anything," she sobbed, and ran from the room.

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  1. Aw, poor Caroline sounds like she wants in on the action.
    Love this cover, Emily!!!

  2. Ah, those Victorians and their birch rods. Sounds llike Sir Gerald is going to have his hands full with both of his ladies. I'm sure his up for it though, and so are we. Great snippet, Emily.

  3. Poor Caroline - such a sheltered life and Sir Gerald know just the lessons she needs to learn.