Monday, January 26, 2015

Joe won't care about Lori-Anne's bra #Taboo2sday

The whole story so far can be found here.

The part about the panties was done quickly, thank goodness. Lori-Anne donned the lacy thong, and if she stood just the right way she couldn't even see in the mirror that her clit was bigger than it should be.

"We'll have to wax you down there, of course," said Kay as she stood next to Lori-Anne and looked appraisingly at the image in the mirror. "But I think Joe will like what he sees. Enough to put you over the pillows and give that Lori-Anne pussy of yours what it deserves, anyway."

Lori-Anne blushed. "What about the bra?" she asked tentatively. The bra couldn't be as lacy as Lori-Anne really would have wanted, because it had to hold the padding to make her bosom look the way it should, but it did have lovely scalloped edges.

"Now Lori-Anne," said Kay, "don't be silly. Do you think that Joe would be marrying you if he cared about tits?"

"No," Lori-Anne whispered.

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  1. wow, Kay's humiliation over Lori-Anne's chest is perfect here!