Monday, March 24, 2014

The dominant professor: introducing John Dunn #CorbinsBend

The fantasy from which Sarah's Tutorial, my first Corbin's Bend book, springs is one that I've had for longer than I'm allowed to say. We'll call it "since my 18th birthday." What happens when an undergraduate tries to seduce her professor, and gets more than she bargained for?
“If we are to keep company, Sarah,” said Professor Dunn, “you must understand what sort of relationship you are entering into. I am past the age at which I have any wish to trifle with the more traditional—and for me dishonest—forms of prelude to my erotic pursuits with a girl in whom I have taken an interest. These days, when I accept a girl for a tutorial, I ask her to stipulate in advance that she relinquishes certain rights girls and women tend to regard as essential these days.” 
Sarah swallowed hard. She had certainly not expected this sort of discourse from a professor she planned to seduce, especially when she had her hand on his lap, lovingly and naughtily bringing it to life beneath his woolen trousers, as they sat on the little couch in his office. The professor was supposed to be grateful, not peremptory. That was how she thought these crushes worked. 
And she had been considering whether to bestow on Professor Dunn her ultimate gift, by giving him a little head (a phrase she and her friends liked to throw about to demonstrate their experience, though the little thrill it gave her in fact demonstrated the opposite, she knew) in his office—not letting him go deep or come in her mouth, of course: just letting him feel what a nubile co-ed can do, when she wants, with her mouth—the sort of thing that kept her on-again-off-again boyfriend Fred docile, and left her feeling superior, as she delicately removed her lips from his cock and pumped it with her fingers until he spurted all over himself and his dorm-room sheets. 
But Professor Dunn’s words had changed things completely, in a way she could not quickly grasp. 
“Let’s begin with a little test of your suitability. If you wish to continue this interview, call me ‘Sir’, if you please.” 
I'm afraid you'll have to wait until May to see what happens, but I'm going to tease you mercilessly all week! Here's the blurb:
When Professor John Dunn moves to Corbin's Bend, hoping to live the spanking-centered BDSM lifestyle for which he has always yearned, he gets more than he bargained for when his brilliant student Sarah Harshaw sets out to seduce him. Sarah, in turn, gets much more than she bargained for when she finds herself taken in hand, and loving it. 
Both John and Sarah know that their torrid D/s relationship is wrong, but both also know that they have found in the other a true partner not just erotically, but intellectually as well. Will their love survive the trials that inevitably befall it when Sarah's parents find out, and confront John? Can Sarah convince John that she knew what she was doing when she entered his office even though wearing his collar wasn't in her game-plan?


  1. Oh my! I'm a big fan of the professor/student scenario, but this sounds like an interesting variation for sure. Can't wait!

  2. You are a tease! I also love the professor/student storyline. I am loving how he turned the tables on her!

  3. this is a lovely, fascinating situation. I love Sarah's confusion :D