Monday, March 31, 2014

Exhibited at their owners' villa #Taboo2sday

I'm so excited that Taboo Tuesday is back as a formal bloghop, now and for the future!

My snippet this time, from Bought and Trained, plays on the taboo of exhibitionism. Rose and Hannah are performing at a party at their owners' villa.
Rose and Hannah were told to begin by kneeling, facing each other, and then to embrace and kiss, and rub their breasts together. Then they had to hold one another’s bottoms, and show the guests how they rubbed their pussies together. David gave all these commands amid an ongoing flow of dirty talk that had both Rose and Hannah flushed and panting: “Show these nice people how naughty you are,” and, “I’m sure that little pussy is very wet, isn’t it?” and, “Look at those cute pink bottoms! You all did a very nice job with the paddles!” 
Then, however, it was time for David to ask for requests from the audience as to what the girls would do. In their female pleasure class at the Institute, Rose and Hannah had learned to put on this kind of performance, not in the manner of porn stars, but in the manner of innocent young things who are frightfully ashamed of doing the things they are commanded to do. Nor did Rose find it very difficult to assume that attitude, for it did feel so very shameful to have to do the things that were called out, with Hannah, like sixty-nine, and taking turns spanking each other, and, “Bend down and open up those asses for us.”
Here's the blurb. Click to buy it at Amazon!
Desperate to be dominated, twenty-five-year-old Rose signs up for a concubine training program and agrees to have her memory of consenting erased, allowing her to experience being forced to explore her fantasies of complete and utter submission. 
Leo, a skilled case-agent for the program, captures Rose and puts her through a strict training regimen, in which her body is no longer her own but instead is Leo’s to command. He brings her to the Institute where she meets her training partner, Hannah, and also meets other men who she learns to call “Master”. During her time at the Institute, Rose is taught that obedience is not optional and that defiance will result in ever more humiliating punishments. 
Once their training is complete, Rose and Hannah are purchased by a master and mistress and are brought back to the couple’s villa in the Caribbean. The girls thrive in their new roles, but when a traumatic experience causes Rose’s memory of her consent to come flooding back, will her realization that she wanted all of this from the beginning bring everything crashing down?
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  1. I love the differences in what everyone considers taboo! Today is all over the scale.

  2. oh what fun, Emily! I love that they had a class- and Hannah's thoughts add lovely dimension