Monday, March 17, 2014

Innocence violated: Bought and Trained #Taboo2sday

In Bought and Trained, my heroine Rose is taken to an Institute for her training as a concubine. There she meets another concubine, who is in a slightly different program, called the innocents' program. Sometimes I think that the basis of taboo is in the idea of sexual purity.
So, when the time came, in the middle of that same week, to find a girl to complete the set that David had asked for, Abigail and Neil had no doubt at all: Hannah was the natural choice. He had Abigail tell Hannah what was required, and he brought Rose in for her first individual session since the long one on her first day. 
He was riding Rose hard, over a training bench, when Hannah came in, as he had arranged with Abigail. He could see the look of wonder on her face in the mirror, as she stood in the doorway. 
"What are you doing to Rose, Master N?" she asked. "Is it a punishment?" 
"Go away, Hannah," Rose said. "It's advanced. . . oh. . . it's not for you, now. Master, please send her away!" 
"I'm training Rose to be a good girl for her master. Would you like to watch?"
Blurb and cover for Bought and Trained are coming soon!


  1. Interesting, your comment on sexual purity, Emily. I wonder if maybe my status as rape survivor is part of why I connect to the idea of taboo so differently than most people.

    I love how Rose reacts here, trying to protect to Hannah. Very erotic snippet

  2. "He was riding Rose hard" ungh! I love that kind of line. Nothing better than a good, hard fuck.