Monday, March 3, 2014

My favorite taboo of all: the narrower passage #Taboo2sday

I often wonder whether the practice that from my earliest memories of erotic feelings has dominated my imagination--anal sex--has begun to lose its taboo, as it has become de rigueur, more or less, in erotic romance. I tend to think, though, that the way humans have to be raised to live in civilization--that is, how we all have to be toilet-trained--means that anal will always have something forbidden about it.

Here's hoping.

This snippet comes from my just released book, Their Firm Men, that in a lot of ways is a sweet historical. Even the sweetest, most virtuous, heroes of my books want what they want, though. And, you'll be amazed to hear, they all want anal. For a bride in 1872, that poses a bit of a problem.
"I think you know what I mean, Esther. But there is something I am not telling you, for I am going to have you now in a way you have not imagined." 
At that moment, he caught her around the waist, with his right hand, and with his left he took the back of her head into his palm, and he kissed her, dominantly. Esther felt like she was going to swoon. What could he mean? 
Samuel bent her head down to whisper into her ear, as at the same time, with his right hand he seized her bottom through her gown and her petticoat and her drawers. "I am going to have you here, Esther," he said. "I simply cannot resist my desire for it, and so you must make up your mind to be taken there, as I wish." 
"Samuel! How can you even speak of such a thing?"
Here's the blurb for the book! Buy it here!
When she hears about the engagement of her sister, Esther, to one of San Francisco’s wealthiest merchants, twenty-five-year-old Amelia Lander decides it is high time she obeyed her mother’s last wish—that she watch over her younger sister. Amelia leaves her teaching job in New York City and travels by train to San Francisco, where she loses no time in calling on Esther and her new husband, Samuel Allen, and providing them with proof that she is Esther’s sister and that her existence has been intentionally concealed by their father for seventeen years, since Esther was a toddler. 

Samuel suggests that Amelia live with them, but when Esther says something impolite and Samuel tells her—in front of Amelia—that she can expect to be soundly spanked for her rudeness, Amelia is shocked. Samuel informs Amelia that he will run his house as he sees fit, and when she responds with insults and defiance, Amelia soon finds herself over the knee of Samuel’s business partner, Michael Sullivan, for a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom. In spite of her shame and fury, however, Amelia cannot help but be drawn to the man who chastised her so thoroughly. 

When she learns that her father is once again up to no good, Amelia runs straight to Michael with the news, and he and Samuel form a plan to stop him. But can Amelia bring herself to obey Michael and stay out of the way, or will her foolhardy actions cost the life of the man she has reluctantly come to love?

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  1. It would be a shame for taboo to become common and ordinary.

  2. I agree too, but it is becoming more and more commonplace. My teen tells me the girls do anal instead b/c they can't get pregnant. I can't imagine b/c it's not that fun for me but oh well.

  3. I'm of two minds on this- taboo can make something more enjoyable for others while for someone- like me, maybe- taboo can be very obnoxious. More often than not, I prefer an approach to sex that is forward, that is "Yes, I enjoy this and society can go fuck itself." In a historical, like what you're sharing, Em, I find it interesting to see against social mores of the time.

  4. What intrigues me is what will become taboo after the current taboos become commonplace? Oral used to be the taboo and now, it is just accepted and expected. Once anal becomes commonplace, then...*perk*