Thursday, September 19, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: ritual rope

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

As frequently, the confluence of two elements--in which it always seems one element is the essential, the other the supplementary--make up the arresting hotness of this photo for me. The primary element is the classic submissive pose in which the area of the Dominant's principal interest is presented for sex and discipline at one and same time, giving a visual existence to the the ineluctable association of the two in the imaginations of us who are lucky enough to be kinky.

The second element is of course the beautiful rope-work, by which this fundamental posture is enforced. Not only does the rope add imaginary resonance from the world of shibari, but the enforcement itself carries a powerful charge, as if the Dominant partner in the scene were saying "Yes, she's in her proper submissive pose, but she is so in need of discipline that she must be held there, so that I can give her everything she has coming, whether she can take it or not." (This is the fantasy, you understand! In fantasy, SSC can be discarded, and, at least in my imagination, almost always is.)

Add to that the hint of the tattoo under the garter-belt, the lingerie itself with its absolutely classic framing of the submissive charms, and the ambiguous rusticness of the space with its menacing gags and weights hanging to the right, and the scene as a whole rises to that special level where not to narrate seems like a crime.