Thursday, September 12, 2013

Analysis of visual spanking stories: two before the fire

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

What I can't quite figure out about me and Story of O is whether Réage's fantasies were so similar to my own that it only seems like 90% of my fantasies are found in their most essential forms in that book, and I actually had those fantasies before I ever picked it up, or whether Story of O actually did take over my imagination so thoroughly that I can't write a story about two mostly naked females standing in a room that seems to be elegantly French without it borrowing its most basic tropes from Réage.

I suppose there's a third alternative--that this particular image wouldn't have struck me in that characteristic "You must masturbate NOW!" way if Story of O weren't the formative work it is for me. I'll go with that for now--as I look at the image, it really is a very Réagean sort of affair.

The essential hotness in my view isn't, surprisingly enough, the lingerie at all. Rather, it's the hand-holding behind the back, in relation to the clothed man standing behind the chair. I spent some time trying to figure out what's on the chair, but I couldn't make it out; if it were evidence of wrong-doing on the part of the girls, that would be lovely. So, even though I didn't put it in the story since I wasn't sure, feel free to imagine that it's the proof that S climbed into H's bed.

One of the reasons I chose this image, with that essential hotness, is that I'm writing a part of the Victorian Emily story in EXPLORATIONS where Victorian Emily meets her new best friend--the pose of the girls in the photo is one that would be perfect for Emily and Susan, Lady S---- (Victorian Emily is rising meteorically in the world of Victorian BDSM, just as Mrs. Smith predicted!).


  1. I think what stands out with The Story of O and what I like about your writing so much is the elegance. Does that sound terribly boring?

    I agree it's not the lingerie. I do love the beautiful room, their beautiful bodies, the beautiful man - fully dressed - and the tenderness of the hand holding - no not tenderness, it's more a 'here is some strength' even as we both stand here trembling...

    1. Not boring at all--I'm so grateful! Amazing how easily "they" become "we," isnt' it?

  2. Blogger ate my comment, so sorry if this shows up twice. If you can find 90% of your fantasies in one story, I say that's great! I only wish I could do that. My taste isn't quite mainstream. :)

    I, too, like the elegance. I know some love full nudity in a spanking scene, but I prefer the crispness of well-chosen clothes. Mm.

  3. Such a beautiful and erotic picture. It captures a sense of desire and passion.