Thursday, August 15, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: episode 1

Yesterday I started into what I'm thinking of as a series that will continue, in which I share some of the narratives that seem to rise without will or warning in my mind when I look at certain images. Besides being fun and interesting in its own right, that series seems like an opportunity to explore in another direction from the main direction of this blog (the main direction of the blog is to tell the story behind the story of the books of EXPLORATIONS).

In yesterday's post, a picture of a girl in a lovely set of babydoll pajamas inspired in me a spanking story about a couple who have been dating for a few weeks; she (I named her Marcie) feels the desperate desire to be spanked that I know so well; he, perhaps initially not inclined to think of such things, suddenly sees the possibilities when she emerges from the bathroom of his apartment wearing the pajamas.

I think the essential hotness--the part that made the image one I wanted to elaborate on in the form of a story (and it seems to me that all the images that have this effect on me have one essential hotness)--is in the combination skirt and panties. At the top of the post I put another version of the same garment, that seems to me to reinforce (at least for me) the basic erotic appeal of the thing itself.

But what is that basic erotic appeal? In the picture that inspired yesterday's post, the model (whose character in the shot I named "Marcie"--though of course that's very unlikely to be the model's real name, and I would be greatly distressed if anyone thought I was talking about her rather than about the character she projects in the shot) seemed to me, probably on the instructions of the cameraperson (a Dominant? see how easily these fantasies spin themselves in my fevered soul?), to have elaborated something important about the panty-skirt in three ways: her position against the wall, her biting her fingernail, and her slightly crossed knees.

Each of these gestures, to me, projects a submissive character, and I built the tiny bit of Marcie that I build in yesterday's post upon that character. (As you can tell from the entire nature of this blog, I find that sort of character very appealing, since I identify with it so strongly!)

But what fascinates me is why the panty-skirt itself would be the essential hotness. Is there anything about putting a little skirt (really, it seems rather funny to dignify that minuscule amount of fabric with the word "skirt," but what else are we to call it?) around a pair of panties that has a submissive element?

Yes, I think. This piece of lingerie (or nightwear, but I think the distinction really ceases to matter when the thing becomes erotic rather than functional) exploits one particular aspect of the skirt: the way it can be lifted, or even simply flipped up, to make a girl's charms available. Skirts--and short skirts above all--always have the potential to convey this message: lifting me reveals the place where Dominant others would like to take their pleasure (and where I, wanton, can't help desiring that Dominant others will want to take their pleasure).

Never mind that in this case, somewhat confusingly, flipping up the little skirt reveals charms still covered by panties: the D/s imagination, as far as I can tell, never worries about such niceties.

There's another way to put it, too, I suppose: this strange, hot panty-skirt is like a perpetual view up a girl's skirt.

Shouldn't any girl who would wear such a thing be spanked for her immodesty (provided of course that that's a turn-on for her)?

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