Monday, August 12, 2013

It's silly cover reveal time for Emily Undressed! (It's a spanking story!)

And it's live, here!

I know what you've been saying to yourself, with greater and greater urgency as each day passes without a new photo of attractive home furnishings that's somehow also strangely erotic.

You've been saying, "Sure, Emily Tilton's style is strange, and she does use a lot of subordinate clauses, like some anal-obsessed submissive David Foster Wallace/Jane Austen hybrid who has never met a parenthesis she didn't like," but those covers with the tiles and the chairs that are somehow also abstractions of fervid eroticism make me feel all tingly, and there hasn't been a new one in at least a week."

Well. Emily Undressed, book 23 of EXPLORATIONS, comes out this week. That's right: you only have a few days to wait for a scorching hot vignette about how a Victorian butler discovered his mistress smoking and, in the absence of her noble husband, was forced to cane her alongside her lady's maid, in the great hall of H---- (as recounted in a letter that Mrs. Smith reads to Victorian Emily to demonstrate to her the role of servants in the Great Drama, when Emily refuses to credit the notion that her housekeeper might, under certain circumstances, turn Emily over her knee).

Even better: only a few days to wait, until fantasy-Charles catches fantasy-Emily reading her great-great-grandmother's notebooks, one-handed.

Did you say "Blurb us, Emily!"? No? Well, I shall blurb you all the same:
Mrs. Smith continued, “The bride may don it by running it between her legs, then fastening one side at a time, but that puts undue stress on the fabric, and the more proper method requires that the bride hold the aide-mari in front of her charms while her maid stoops behind her to reach between the bride’s knees, grasps the garment’s rear, and brings it up behind, so that she can fasten the clasps.” 
How terrible the involuntary character of a maiden’s blush! To my great irritation, I could see my cheeks color at her words. “My maid, then, is to know that I am required to wear such things?” 
In the 23rd book of Explorations, Victorian Emily's instruction as a submissive bride continues, as modern-day fantasy-Emily can't stop reading, one-handed, the old notebooks she's been hiding from her husband Charles. Unfortunately for fantasy-Emily's backside, though, Charles is about to come home. . . 
This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Ff, Mf, MMff, spanking, watersports. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults.

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