Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Visual inspirations for spanking stories: a beginning

There's a thing that I love to do both for its own sake (or, I suppose, just for the sake of auto-eroticism) and for the sake of keeping my fantasies and their elaboration fresh. It also helps me grow in my understanding of my BDSM orientation, and has even been known to make others happy.

I take one of those pictures that takes my breath away (if you're reading this blog, I suspect you know the kind I mean--and I also hope that you're like me in that while these pictures are certainly sometimes explicit, even more frequently they're not explicit at all [though they're almost always obviously sexy in some way]) and I write a little story about it. Sometimes the story is only a sentence or two; sometimes it runs several paragraphs.

So I'm going to try putting a few of these up here. I'm fairly sure that if I simply embed the image from its original location, it's fair-use, but please let me know if you find an image with respect to which you think I'm violating a copyright, and I'll disembed it, and link it instead, immediately (I'm going to use this initial post as the introduction to the series, and link it at the top of future installments).

So, the first image. I'm sure you won't be surprised (if you know me) at the role played in it by lingerie, and in its story:

Told to stand against the wall while her boyfriend got ready to punish her, Marcie began to regret her choice to wear the naughty pink and black babydoll pajamas. As soon as he had seen them, Joe had gotten a strange look in his eye. True, exciting precisely this desire--the desire to punish her--had been exactly why Marcie had bought the slinky camisole with the adorable pink trim (including the irresistible little bow that sat right between Marcie's small breasts now), and the matching pink bottoms with the tiny sheer skirt that didn't cover anything at all really. But if Joe did decide he was going to spank her, and flip up that little skirt, her bottom was in serious trouble.

When she had come out of the bathroom of his apartment wearing the pajamas, which she had so carefully smuggled in in her purse, feeling brazen and sexy, she had had a sudden moment of doubt as he, fully clothed of course, turned to look at her.

The long silence that ensued, as Joe looked her up and down, had nearly made her panic and run back into the bathroom in shame.

"Well," Joe had finally said, "you've been hinting about spanking ever since we started dating. And now I can see how badly you need one. Go stand by the wall while I get ready to punish you for putting on such naughty things without my permission."

As Marcie watched, Joe rearranged the furniture. Her knees crossed and uncrossed nervously. This was what she wanted, wasn't it?


  1. I like this idea, Emily. Very nice little excerpt of what the above image makes you think about.

  2. Emily, based only upon what I have seen on FB, I like your writing, and your philosophy, very much. However, when I go to Amazon to attempt to purchase something and really sink into it, I have to report back to you, I am confused. I clicked on this link because it seemed to offer some explanation, or clarification. You are wonderfully prolific, but I feel you might be well-served by offering a road map through your many avenues. I hope you will take this comment in the spirit in which it is offered. I really do want to read your work. Where should I begin? Thank you.

    1. So kind of you to ask, Grant! If I had to choose one thing I'd want to present, it might be "Geoffrey's Rules"