Saturday, July 6, 2013

TEASE: Three #spankingstory authors to be disciplined together Monday!

UPDATE: Here is is, in all its figgy glory!

Like all literary figures who hope to share their great thoughts on such recondite matters as ontology, epistemology, and incredibly hot spankings, I've been thinking a great deal about social media lately. In the process of that thinking, I enlisted the help of two of the lights of the smut-firmament, Renee Rose and Sheri Savill

Renee gave Sheri and me some sage advice about the use of certain. . . special words. Well, Sheri and I went a little overboard in attempting to launch our little barques on the seas of eroticism, and we all paid for it. . . 

Our fun little collaborative #spankingstory about what happened, especially the #figging, will be up on RomancingtheKink on Monday!


  1. Look! It's a comment! I'm #commenting! On your site. And adding tags in the comment, because I'm a #butthead. Can't wait for the #spankingstory to be published.

    1. That ginger pic is just ... I keep seeing things in it. Like when people post pics of the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich, only, ok not like that. Nevermind.