Friday, April 5, 2013

Did Charles command me to make this blog?


Yes. And I told him I didn't want to, and he told me to get my paddle and bring it to him, and then to lay myself down over the arm of the sofa, and lower my panties. . .

So, reader, this is your introduction to EXPLORATIONS: here in the italics, I'm the "real" me; the girl in the Roman type is my avatar, also named Emily Tilton, but aged only 18 (I'm 35, at this point; I was 25 at the time of the events allegorized in EXPLORATIONS). Fantasy Emily is just as nubile as that magic age (18) implies, and just as submissive as I, real Emily, am--maybe more.

It all begins in Emily's Submissive Wedding Night, also to be found in Explorations: Books 1-5

For more about the "real" me, read the Companion!


  1. Emily, you make our hearts bounce faster, once more. Being certain that a 35 woman, is a far better 18 year old as anyone can imagine, I am happy for Charles and you.

    A bit envious too, perhaps, as lowering panties in devotion for sure reflects the type of analysis men like Sir Cameron prefer to philosophize on - and then, naturally, test our theories in practice; all in the name of progress of course..

    Thanks for sharing your passions with us.

    Blissful rectal delights I wish you - Sir Cameron and his courteous Court

  2. Many thanks, Sir Cameron! I love to imagine the goings-on at your courteous court, especially when a breach of etiquette has concerned, and chastisement must follow!