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Dear curious reader,

The main function of this page is as an index to the books, but as the project grew in length and complexity I also started to put some FAQ answers here, in my own inimitable wordy style. (Note of 18 September 2016: I've stopped updating this page, but it still has everything you need to know about EXPLORATIONS. For my other books, past the point I last updated this page, see my author page on Amazon.)

When I'm writing in italics, I'm "real" Emily Tilton, currently 36, human rights lawyer, ass-wife (schoolgirl, sex-slave, anal bride, etc.) of the "real" Charles Smith, 35, Latin teacher.

When I'm writing in Roman type, I'm (fantasy) Emily Tilton Smith, 26 year-old ass-wife of (fantasy) Charles Smith, 44, a wealthy, dominant investment banker.

Most of EXPLORATIONS concerns the early married life of fantasy-Emily and fantasy-Charles. The story begins with their wedding-night, and so far has carried them through to the early months of their marriage.

Two things make EXPLORATIONS unique, in my own view.

  1. Me, in italics, telling the story of telling the story. Most importantly, because the story in Roman type is an elaboration of my darkest BDSM fantasies, I'm talking about how I react to these fantasies, and meditating on the relationship of fantasy to reality. This blog is an extension of that project.
  2. In the course of elaborating those fantasies, fantasy-Emily and fantasy-Charles start to uncover another, older story--the story of Prophettown and the story of their own ancestors, and how the two are related. This eventually sends them on a frankly outlandish journey (no more outlandish than sexy vampires and werewolves, mind you) of fantasy-self-discovery that I venture to say has no parallel in erotic literature.
Also, though this is hardly unique, the actual books of the series are nearly 100% pure BDSM, though expressed in varied ways, including, in the Prophettown books, some faux-scriptural language that I find fun and hot, but which I suspect readers may hate. The jury's still out on that one.

Here are links to the books of the EXPLORATIONS series, as available at, with some specialized interest tags:

Other things:
And my page.

This blog is obviously on the one hand a marketing tool--"real" Emily is not the kind of person who would ever seek to conceal that--but it's also a wonderful vehicle for me to think about where this is all coming from, and I welcome your thoughts on it, and on anything to do with EXPLORATIONS, any time. I'm probably easiest to find on Google Plus, but I'm also on Facebook.

If you're thinking, "Wow, Emily, this sounds wonderfully naughty, twisted, and hot. Where should I start?" I would recommend getting a free copy of Books 1-5 and seeing if it turns you on. If you like it, buy (you didn't think I was going to let you off completely for free, did you?) the Omnibus!



Some FAQ:

What the heck is EXPLORATIONS? A series? A serial? A chunked out novel?
  • Yes!
  • Really, it's something that doesn't fit any mode or genre I know. It's a bunch of elaborations of my BDSM fantasies arranged into a sequential structure that in the process of being so arranged developed a narrative arc. In the beginning, the narrative arc was just a way to get from fantasy-scene to fantasy-scene, but then I started to get interested in why I was putting things in a given order, and in how that arc was starting to give me new ways to elaborate the fantasies. Now it has a real trajectory, and I know what's going to happen.
What's going to happen?! (If you're stuck around book 20 or so.)
  • Not telling. (That's actually a quotation from one of the books, when I ["real" Emily] refuse to tell "real" Charles what's going to happen, because of course he's the "real" audience for EXPLORATIONS. He spanks me for the impertinence, and it's left unclear whether under that duress I tell him, or not.)
  • Seriously, the story of the wedding-night and honeymoon (books 1-7)  is succeeded by the Tales of Prophettown (books 8-16), which in fantasy-Emily's world turns out to be a very real, and very powerful place. When fantasy-Emily and fantasy-Charles bring Emily's best friend Sarah into their household, over the course of books 17-20, it provides a catalyst for the real Prophettown to enter the story decisively. Strangely enough, only a narrative written by fantasy-Emily's great-great-grandmother, about the BDSM "Great Drama" of elite Europe, can unravel the mystery. Black helicopters! Victorian spankings! Lots and lots and lots of BDSM sex!
What is Prophettown?
  • There's no simple answer to that question. The best, though incomplete, answer is that it's one of my ways of thinking about the relation between religion and eroticism. 
  • At the level of the story of fantasy-Emily and fantasy-Charles, Prophettown is a mysterious BDSM polygamous religious community, where all the men are dominant and all the women are submissive (or, in at least one notable case--that of Barbara Carter Auberge--switch). Real life in Prophettown begins at 18, when young people are told how the adults of Prophettown really live, and given the option to depart, with a generous cash payment, if they do not want to remain. (The source of the cash is revealed in the Tales of Prophettown eventually.) Those who stay are trained thoroughly in the lifestyle of Prophettown, and above all in the Pineapple Protocol, the universal safeword that ensures that everything done in Prophettown is consensual. They are also assigned to "families" to whom they are not related by blood--thus, the "fathers" and "daughters" are not actually related. As of the end of volume 20, my friend Sarah has, it seems, been taken to Prophettown, and Charles and I are trying to figure out how to find it, in order to make sure Sarah is OK.
  • At the level of the story of "real" Emily (me) writing the books of EXPLORATIONS, Prophettown is a story I came up with to entertain Charles, which, as my stories often do, spun rather out of control.
What's going on with the Victorian stuff?
  • First of all, the very earliest erotica I ever read was Victorian spanking stuff, The Pearl in particular. At some point, I think I decided that for me there would just never be anything quite as hot as Victorian English people caning and fucking one another's proper arses. So answer number one is that the Victorian stuff is me joining a tradition I adore. It begins with Emily, Victorian Bride (EXPLORATIONS #21) and will run at least through volume 37, which is where I plan to stick a big HFN (Happily For Now, for anyone unversed in romance conventions) in the lives of me, fantasy-me, and Victorian me.
  • Answer number two is internal to the story, in case anyone's actually following this plot that I like to think would make David Foster Wallace shake his head.
    • Fantasy-me level: my mother sends me a box handed down from my great-great-grandmother. In the box is a series of notebooks, which contain the tale of her (Emily Orn Wilkes, later the [secret] Countess of Wessulk) introduction to ancient practices of BDSM in a "Great Drama" practiced in Europe from the Roman Empire on. Since Sarah has, it seems, been recruited to Prophettown, I fixate on these notebooks, and they become the source of some disciplinary drama in my own house, when Charles reveals that he knows that I've been keeping them from him, and have been abridging his rights as I read. Then, the bombshell: Victorian Emily's Great Drama is connected to Prophettown in ways not yet explained. Can we find in the Victorian tale the clue we're looking for in our search for Prophettown?
    • Real-me level: to stop fantasizing about my best friend "Sarah," I started writing a faux-Victorian narrative by my great-great-grandmother about the early days of her marriage to a wealthy Dominant man. It was hot, and I liked writing it, so I decided to integrate it into the story of fantasy-me.
  • Answer number three is that I'm also releasing the Victorian stuff separately, since that seems like it might suit some readers' tastes. Buy THE FIRST NOTEBOOK OF EMILY ORN WILKES, SECRET COUNTESS OF WESSULK here!

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