Monday, April 13, 2015

Brought to the preacher #Taboo2sday

The whole story so far can be found here. Last time, Rev. White had just made it clear that if he was to baptize Lori-Anne, he would have to get the chance to examine her thoroughly.

Joe, as a good religious man, swallowed his jealousy at the thought of what the preacher would do with his "girl."

"I'll bring her by Sunday mornin' early," he said.

Sunday morning at 7, he led Lori-Anne down the aisle of the little white church where she would be baptized later that day and then married the following week. Lori-Anne seemed over-awed to be in the sanctuary when it wasn't full of good Christians, and when the organ wasn't playing a good old hymn like "Rock of Ages."

"Joe," she said, "are you sure it's okay? I mean, with the preacher, that I'm here even though I'm not baptized yet?"

Joe smiled. "Darlin'," he said, "I'm pretty sure Reverend White likes it that way, seein' what he's plannin' to do with you in his study this mornin' before your baptism."

Lori-Anne's eyes went very wide. "Wh–what's that?" she asked with obvious trepidation.

"You'll just have to wait and see, and be my good girl, darlin'."

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  1. urgh, Blogger eating my comment... but I'm so happy to be back to Lori-Anne! The details you packed into this snippet are great!