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A different kind of Institute book: what Emily is up to

I honestly didn't know that the Institute would be part of this book until I got a few thousand words in, and I don't think I'll market the book as being part of the series, since the the Institute is tangential. But having as a narrative resource the idea of a place where a person could train as a data-driven BDSM expert helped me greatly in figuring out where this story was going!
Mary had written that article on an assignment from the Institute, the place where she had spent some of her time after leaving Ohio, and she took a great deal of pride in it. 
When Your Girlfriend Needs a Spanking: Getting Started with Loving Discipline 
A publication of the Institute's Extreme Marriage program
If you're reading this article, you've probably been given it by someone who thinks your girlfriend needs a spanking. We here at the Institute have come to the conclusion, based on extensive, rigorous research, that there are a great many young women (and older women, too!) who could benefit from their boyfriends' getting a clue where discipline is concerned, not to put too fine a point on it. 
Mary's assignment, from Hayden Gifford, the head of the Extreme Marriage program, had included the words, "Make it fun, and snappy, but keep the high tone." Mary always smiled when she thought of how pleased Hayden had been with her work. 
For several years our research has suggested that most dominant men—the ones you'll sometimes see referred to as alphas—don't develop enough comfort with their dominance until well into their thirties for them to express their desires to the women they love and may eventually wish to marry. The same is true of women, with regard to submission and submissive fantasies, but because the power-exchange dynamic of a dominant/submissive relationship requires by its very nature that the dominant take on a more active role, any intervention, like this little article, we at the Institute might do should, we think, be directed at young, dominant men whose girlfriends may well need spanking. So we offer this article to you as a way of helping you to come along more quickly than you might otherwise to full enjoyment of your dominant eroticism and full realization of the leadership role in your relationship that suits your nature. In the process, we think you may well also realize the fantasies that your girlfriend may not be able to admit she has, even to herself. 
You're probably rather mystified at this point, so let's get to it. Consider the following questions:

is your girlfriend sometimes rude for no reason you can see?

Does she seem to go from behaving like an old fashion related to disrespecting you and questioning your decisions unreasonably?

To put it very simply, is your girlfriend sometimes a brat?

Our research suggests that if the answers to these questions are yes, your girlfriend quite possibly needs a spanking. Now you have to ask yourself whether you want to give her that spanking. If you are a dominant, you already know the answer.

But you also probably think that the way you feel about spanking her—or to put it more bluntly, how hard you get when you think about spanking her—should make you not try to fulfill that fantasy. Most dominant men in their twenties, we have found, have serious guilt with regard to their fantasies of power-exchange. 
If you do feel such guilt, the first thing we want you to know is that there's nothing wrong with you. No one knows why some men's erotic orientation depends on arousal through power-exchange, but our research suggests that it is innate. More importantly, having the dominant fantasies you have, of spanking, whipping, and flogging, of dominant sex, of taboo sex, and even of nonconsensual sex, does not in any way mean that your nature will compel you to try to fulfill those fantasies in an unethical way. You are not an abuser or a rapist, because your fantasies do not rule your will. 
The second thing we want to tell you is that there are many, many women who fantasize about submitting to a man like you, and making your fantasies come true. If the answer to the questions we asked was Yes, there's a good chance that your girlfriend is one of these women. We want to urge you, for your sake and hers, to give her the spanking she needs. 
Here's how. Find a time and place where you and your girlfriend will be undisturbed for a while. Tell her that she's going to have a spanking. Many women will confess at this point that they have been hoping you would spank them. These women tend to be older, and thus to have had more time both to grow comfortable with their submissive fantasies and to feel the longing to have those fantasies fulfilled which grows greater and greater as dominants and submissives age. 
Other women, and younger women in particular, may not even realize that they have submissive fantasies, because they have only experienced them as vague impressions and have not allowed themselves to explore them. Submissive fantasies can seem so shameful that younger girls repress them for many years. If this is true of your girlfriend, you will have to force the issue. 
Proceed with great care, but do proceed. Our research has demonstrated that you, as a dominant, will be able easily to tell, as soon as you begin to use force, that your girlfriend unconsciously wishes you to discipline her. If your girlfriend is actually not a submissive, you will feel it in the way she struggles and you will see it in her eyes. But our research suggests that if you have advanced to this stage, there is a 99% chance that she will display, in the way her struggles and her eyes both reflect the desire to be conquered, her need for your firm hand. 
Whether she accepts her punishment like a good girl, or she must be held down and spanked, you must follow through on your promise to discipline her with a good, hard spanking. We urge you to bare her bottom for at least part of the punishment. Together with the humiliation of a bare-bottom spanking, you must begin to learn to judge the correction you are administering from the color of her backside. And, of course, you naturally want to spank her naked rear end, as will now be your right and your duty.

I'm guessing this one will be out in late May!

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