Friday, May 24, 2013

Is make-up sex hotter for submissives?

So if I'd said "Fuck you" and refused to follow his ironically conventional, totally kinky script for make-up sex that night?

I don't know. The trouble is that despite my superficial doubts, I did know (in my soul, or something) that he loved me for the right reasons, and I knew that I loved him for the right reasons, and that the BDSM flowed from that, and that the love wasn't some illusory downstream effect of the BDSM. So the thought-experiment doesn't even make sense. Even if he'd gone along with my script and given me the spanking of my life--let's say, just for fun, that he'd brought out a riding crop, or a dogwhip, or something (see Emily and the Paradise-Step of Prophettown if you're looking for that kind of thing), and he'd got carried away and opened some horrendous bleeding laceration, and we'd spent the end of the night in the emergency room trying to explain why my ass was covered with bloody welts--we would have ended up at the altar, though perhaps with a few things less completely resolved. . . .

For more about the "real" me, read the Companion! You'll find the rest of this post (and it's hot, I promise!) there.


  1. Emily,
    Well done, as always. I am particularly impressed by the use of language in this excerpt. Your descriptions are vivid and very sexy. Who wouldn't want make-up sex to be this hot?!


    1. Thanks so much, Smarting! I always worry that I use the dirty words too much, and I edit things back and forth over and over, but they have a power (over me at least) that I don't want to part with.