Friday, December 26, 2014

The beginning of something new, and old: Old-Fashioned Values #SatSpanks

This one just came out yesterday, and I'm really excited because it explores one of my favorite themes--the line between domestic dicipline and Dominance-and-submission. This is how that exploration starts.
Now she was at college, though, free from her parents' supervision, eighteen and ready to start figuring out what kind of life she wanted. That freedom had its challenges, though: Sally sometimes seemed helpless to stop herself from adopting personae that, though they went against her old-fashioned grain, at least made her feel like she had something grown-up to say. Her roommates Rachel and Cassandra were much more up-to-date, that way: they were always swearing, always talking about sex.  
To be precise, Sally had found that she very often felt like she didn't really know how to act in this new collegiate world she had entered a little more than two months before. When she felt that way, sometimes without even meaning to she would try to pretend to be like her roommates, and say things like "fuck him." 
That phase of Sally's life ended that very instant, however.  
Mark said, "I won't tolerate language like that from my girlfriend. If we're going to keep dating, Sally, you're going to have to show respect to your professors, and to me. I know you well enough already to tell that you're a well-mannered, ladylike girl--it's something that drew me to you. I think I need to show you how serious I am about that. I'm going to spank you after dinner, in my room."
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