Friday, December 5, 2014

Particular tastes, at a high-class brothel in KC #SatSpanks

My love of older British erotica means that I'm very fond of writing this kind of scene! Mrs. O'Reilly is the madame of the brothel where Maggie has come to find the man who killed her father: there--the shame of it!--she must pretend to be a fledgling lady of the evening.
The fingers deserted her. Then, suddenly, Mrs. O’Reilly’s hand came down in a sharp spank on Maggie’s right bottom-cheek, and then another on her left. 
“Ow! Ma’am!” Maggie cried, but immediately Mrs. O’Reilly’s hand returned to the soothing caress, and now Maggie cried out with joy and pleasure. 
“Do you see what I mean, child?” she asked very quietly. 
“Yes, ma’am,” Maggie sobbed, though this sob was of pleasure that Maggie had never imagined her body could feel. 
“There are men who like to spank girls, and to whip them.” 
“Really, ma’am?” Maggie felt she could hardly hold her wits together, as she thought of Travis, while Mrs. O’Reilly’s fingers moved in and out and up and down, rhythmically and much more skillfully than Maggie thought she could even do to herself.
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  1. looks like this is leading into a sexy scene! Was a nice snippet too! stunning cover :D

  2. I like the cover, too. Very hot, like the snippet!