Friday, March 28, 2014

First spanking from her new owner: #SatSpanks

In Bought and Trained, the Institute at which Rose finds herself hosts the owners of the concubines-in-training in a visitors' suite, so that they may sample the developing skills of their girls. Here, Rose and Hannah are getting to know David and Grace, their new owners. Rose has been instructed to keep eye contact with David, as he pleasures her.
David put out his tongue, and licked. Rose cried out, and, with a sob, looked away. 
She cried, "I'm sorry, Master. . . I'm sorry. . .," as David continued to lick, but then, after a few moments, David pulled his head back and said, "Hannah, sweetie, would you go to the closet and get the paddle with Rose's name on it?" 
"No!" said Rose. "Oh, please. . . Master. . . I'm so sorry!" 
But David had returned to his licking, and kissing, and Rose was mewing with forced pleasure again, while Hannah obeyed. Two small leather paddles hung there, one with her name in calligraphy on the handle and one with Rose's. 
Mistress' voice came from behind her, "You'd better get your own paddle too, sweetie, and bring it to me."
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Desperate to be dominated, twenty-five-year-old Rose signs up for a concubine training program and agrees to have her memory of consenting erased, allowing her to experience being forced to explore her fantasies of complete and utter submission. 
Leo, a skilled case-agent for the program, captures Rose and puts her through a strict training regimen, in which her body is no longer her own but instead is Leo’s to command. He brings her to the Institute where she meets her training partner, Hannah, and also meets other men who she learns to call “Master”. During her time at the Institute, Rose is taught that obedience is not optional and that defiance will result in ever more humiliating punishments. 
Once their training is complete, Rose and Hannah are purchased by a master and mistress and are brought back to the couple’s villa in the Caribbean. The girls thrive in their new roles, but when a traumatic experience causes Rose’s memory of her consent to come flooding back, will her realization that she wanted all of this from the beginning bring everything crashing down?
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  1. Oh how naughty! This looks like a great read.

  2. "You better get your own too, sweety" -- Love the calligraphy styled paddles and the personalized naughtiness it entails... I have so many books to catch up with and this ones sounds so deliciously inviting...

  3. Paddles with their names on them ... love that!

  4. Oh my. That was delicious. Getting pleasured while you know your bottom (or someplace else) is going be blazing hot very soon.

  5. Whoa. I just read the blurb (I know, I'm super behind). Love the premise of the memory of consent being erased!

  6. I love the personalised paddles too. And the forgotten consent is a new twist

  7. I love how David order the paddle brought but returns immediately to the kissing and licking. hot snippet! This book does have an intriguing set up

  8. I love the contrast of the tenderness and the firmness, both from David and Mistress. Hot!