Thursday, October 10, 2013

Visual spanking stories analysis: bow

(This analysis concerns yesterday's story.)

How do you turbo-charge a piece of lingerie? Add a bow. How do you super-duper-turbo-charge it? Put the bow in back. 

One interesting element of the story this photo inspired concerns the figure in the background. Some things (here, the bow) seem to be possessed of such inherent heat that they can actually force the imagination to transform other elements of their scenes. The bow, like some sort of angelic BDSM presence, takes the figure in the background, a figure that actually suggests a much more innocuous reading, and transforms her erotically.

That vanilla figure would otherwise detract from the hotness, but, in association with the incandescently hot bow, she takes on a kind of reflected heat--or perhaps she even catches fire. Glimpsed beyond the bride, she would seem to be some nice seamstress (a grandmother, even?) who's there to help the bride get dressed, and is almost certainly laying out the gown. The sheer heat of the bow, though, working together with the veil, and the hands of someone helping tie that amazing piece of ribbon, eroticizes (for me at least) even the innocuous act of laying out a wedding dress, and turns the whole scene into a sort of paradise of BDSM-wedding-eros. Now the nice person is nice in a particularly hot, nasty, way.

The bow. Bows go on gifts. It's already searingly hot for me when a girl wears a thong that has a bow in front, and is thus presenting her charms as a gift to some lucky dominant someone who gains access to those charms. But when the bow is in back, it means that one particular charm is intended, and when some other feminine hands must tie the bow, what could it mean but that a master has decreed that the bow be placed there, to demonstrate to her and to him that her backside is a gift he has promised himself?

The veil works its own magic, at that point, along with the corset, because they suggest that this wedding ceremony may just be a very special one, where the bride has been instructed to wear only this clothing, which will demonstrate to herself and to her bridegroom that she is being given, and taken, for the specific pleasures her new husband demands she yield up to him.

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