Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Squee for silly plot-twists in spanking stories

(Warning: pseudo-incest.)

I just have to share the thing I'm working on this morning, which is the long-awaited (by me; I guess--I'm not sure whether anyone else is actually following the "plot" of EXPLORATIONS) news from Sarah, now ensconced in Prophettown (she disappeared at the end of Emily in Service), and loving it.

(You can read much more about it in the 101, but Prophettown is a "religious" BDSM community of universal polygamous domestic discipline, where members of "families" are not actually blood-related.)
Anyway, the first few days. They brought me here in a helicopter with the windows completely blacked out (that's after another, really long journey that I'm not allowed to tell you about, though something Daddy said made me think that maybe there was a chance you're going to visit me here [YAY!], so maybe we'll get to talk about it sometime). When I landed, Daddy and the Mamas were there to meet me, and they gave me big hugs. Jon gave me this sweet, modest kiss, and patted my behind, and sent me off with my foster family. I don't know why, but that got me almost as wet as when he took me the first time at your house (I'm not allowed to use bad words anymore, just so you know; the Daddies and Husbands use them all the time, but if a girl says one of them she gets whipped in front of the whole family--that happened to one of my foster sisters my second day here, when she burned a cake and swore about it).
That's slated to appear in EXPLORATIONS volume 27, alongside the account of Victorian Emily's wedding-night!


  1. Your creativity is inspiring. I'm having such a hard time writing lately. Trying to get going again. Whining a lot, as you can see. So encouraging to me, too, to see quality writing in erotica, no matter what the particular kink.

  2. how is pseudo-incest viewed as opposed to regular incest. do people have the same reaction or are they generally understanding?

    1. I don't think there's a clear read on that, actually. My experience suggests that the key is putting clear labels on everything. At any rate, the e-books stores are full of pseudo-incest, but regular incest gets kicked out.