Saturday, September 17, 2016

In Loco Parentis

In loco parentis means "in place of a parent." Here on my blog, I can tell you that all the implications for an erotic novel are indeed in effect. May I tempt you with an excerpt from the book?

“So you’re saying you’re not going to get hard while you’re spanking me?” As soon as she said it, she saw she had touched a sensitive spot: Mr. Malley’s brow darkened, and his evident struggle against anger seemed to get more difficult for him.

“That’s my affair, Heather, and I hope I can teach you some modesty where that kind of thing is concerned, so that you’re not looking through windows and sucking boys’ penises in full view of the neighborhood.”

Too late Heather saw that she had made things much, much worse for herself. All the casual hookups at school came crowding back upon her, and the battle between it’s fine and shouldn’t it feel better? reared its terrible head.


Bullshit, the it’s fine part tried to say. But Mr. Malley seemed to have come to the aid of shouldn’t it feel better? with a strange vengeance.

Worst of all, the subject of Mr. Malley’s cock had entered the conversation, and she couldn’t deny that she had raised it. Raised it. Heather saw Miss Green on her knees, red lace panties down and pink plug in her bottom, sucking Mr. Malley’s big, hard cock. She saw him hold Miss Green’s head, his fingers twined in her wavy red hair. She saw him fuck her face like it was a pussy.

Heather swallowed hard.

“I’m through talking now,” he said. “I’m going to go to the kitchen. When you’re ready to take your spanking like a good girl, you’ll come in there and lay yourself over my lap, and we’ll get this over with.”

He turned and left the den. Heather sat there looking at her hands in her lap. Her gaze shifted to the screen, and the sexy freeze-frame made the problem worse. Angrily, she picked up the remote and turned the thing off. The den fell into darkness, its only illumination spilling in from the kitchen where she now heard Mr. Malley moving one of the chairs.

So he can sit in it. For my spanking.

Rational thought had the smallest imaginable part in what Heather did next. She stood up, and she took off all her clothes and laid them on the red couch. If a thought had actually entered her mind, it had been If I’m going to have a spanking, I want it to be a sexual spanking. She hadn’t thought the idea through, of course, any more than she had thought through stealing the panties or any of the other stupid things she had done over the past forty-eight hours.

She surveyed her body in the half-darkness, wishing she had a mirror but knowing Mr. Malley didn’t stand a chance of resisting her. An older man would always want to fuck a gorgeous eighteen-year-old: practically an eternal truth. She walked into the kitchen, smiling, with her hands at her side.

Here's the blurb:

By the time eighteen-year-old Heather Bradshaw returns home for the summer after her first year of college, she feels very grown-up indeed. With her parents away for several months, she has the house to herself, and she isn’t going to let their old-fashioned notions of propriety get in the way of a good time if the opportunity presents itself and the guy is hot. It comes as quite a surprise, though, when the man who sets her heart racing turns out to be her best friend’s father.

Upon realizing that Heather is flirting with him, Tom Malley sets out to play the role of the gentleman. He does his best to ignore her advances rather than take advantage of someone so inexperienced, but it quickly becomes clear that the beautiful, na├»ve young woman is in desperate need of a man’s firm hand, and if he doesn’t provide the stern dominance that is required she’s going to get herself in over her head while searching for someone who will.

Determined to put a stop to Heather’s out of control behavior and keep her from getting hurt, Tom takes the feisty girl over his knee for a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking that leaves her blushing and promising to behave herself. The humiliating chastisement merely intensifies her desire for him, however, and her response to his discipline deeply arouses Tom as well. Soon enough, he casts aside his hesitation and claims her thoroughly, but will the shame of surrendering her body to her best friend’s father turn out to be more than Heather can bear?

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  1. I just read your Explorations, Books 1-5 and it was really good. Do any of your other works deal with A2M? If so, which ones?

    Also, I find the term "ass-wife" interesting. Did you come up with it yourself?

    1. Thanks for reading, Erik—so glad you liked it! The rest of Explorations has a good deal of A2M. "The Sunset Harbor School for Naughty Girls" has what readers seem to think is a fairly memorable A2M scene (see the reviews on Amazon).

      It's also sprinkled throughout a lot of my books as a fantasy that doesn't actually happen, since it's a rather controversial thing even with BDSM erotica readers. I talked a very little about that when introducing a tease from "Sunset Harbor" in a post, once:

      "Ass-wife" is indeed my own invention, as is "bottom-slave," which you'll also find in my books from time to time. The phrases, which are I suppose parallel to the masculine term "butt-boy," have dwelt in my mind since my earliest days of writing erotica. The implication of being dedicated to anal submission could justly be called the hottest thing in the universe for me.

    2. I might have to buy some of those. Thanks. You have a wonderful way with words. And you can be pretty funny sometimes too.

      In the link you mentioned above, where does the term "con" come from?

      I keep seeing the term "glug" in your writing. Does that just mean nervous swallowing?

    3. _Con_ is French for "cunt." :)

      I used "glug" in a bunch of blog-posts, I think, as an informal way to, yes, indicate aroused swallowing. I tend to do that when I get aroused and thus of course so did my avatar. I don't seem to use it much any more, since the style of romance that sells tends to do the same thing with "She gulped audibly" or "She swallowed hard."

    4. I like "glug", haha.

      What do you think about A2M in real life? Would you actually do it, and do you think it's unhygienic?

    5. I guess I think hygiene is a relative concept, but if you think of it, as I usually do, as the effort not to get poop in places it wouldn't otherwise go, anal itself is pretty unhygienic. That said, I don't think A2M is very unhygienic, as long as it's one's own A.

      As to the second question, an author has to have her secrets. :)