Friday, July 24, 2015

I think you know what I mean #SatSpanks

Hopefully this passage from the middle of an early spanking in the doctor's house will intrigue rather than confuse!

She struggled further, but Sam simply remained silent. At a particularly strenuous escape attempt, he gave her three more hard spanks. Eliana gave a wail unlike the defiant grunts of a moment before. “Oh, please! No more!”

Sam didn’t spank her again, and now she did quiet her body.

Finally, “I’m sorry,” she said.

“Speak respectfully, Eliana,” Sam replied softly. “I think you know what I mean.”

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  1. I do so like it when a gentleman shows restraint when a lady begs, even if it's only for a moment. At least it shows they're listening. Great snippet, Emily

  2. Sam sounds deliciously hot. I like that he was both considerate and knew when she was genuinely sorry. Great snippet :-)

  3. What does he mean? Hmmm, you got my attention now Emily. Great snippet!

  4. Ending a snippet with a question - that just teases!

  5. I have no idea what he means, but I bet she does. Great snippet