Friday, April 3, 2015

"A virtuous young woman" #SatSpanks

I suppose I'm running a risk, posting this snippet, that you'll think Ben is irredeemable. Let me just say that there's some irony in the way he speaks to Julie here. Well, a little bit of irony, at least.

“When I feel that you have become a virtuous young woman who is ready to serve a man properly, I’ll help you find a boyfriend who can take you in hand as thoroughly as I have. Until then, you belong to me, so if you know what’s good for your bottom, you should take off your clothes.”

But Julie still hesitated, so Ben grabbed her and dragged her to the comfy couch, and bent her over its arm as she cried out in alarm into the couch cushions.

“You’re going to learn very quickly, Julie Morton, that I don’t mind spanking you. Pretty soon I think you’ll try hard not to give me excuses to punish you, like you just did.”

He started to spank her sweet bottom then, over the denim of the cutoffs. “Now, Julie,” Ben said conversationally as he spanked her at a steady, even pace, “your real spanking won’t begin until you take your clothes off for me, but I can also spank you this way as long as you want me to. You just let me know when you’re ready to start being a good girl for me.”

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  1. Yikes! I'm sure there is quite a bit of irony in what he says, at least I hope there is. But if I were Julie, I'd start listening to him.

  2. This sounds like another winner, Emily! Hot excerpt.

  3. That 'just tell me when you're ready for it to begin' is a killer sentence, especially when they are already spanking when they say it.

  4. That last line kills me. Why do men think the warm up is a breeze?