The story of Lori-Anne, so far

Collected from Taboo Tuesday posts.

Lori-Anne would be a bride at last. Big, burly Joe Weston had told her that her oversize clitoris, with the two useless testicles hanging below it, just made Lori-Anne more attractive to him.

"You're my kind of girl, sweetheart," he had said, the night he proposed.

But Joe was very strict with Lori-Anne: he had spanked her that night, when she hesitated to commit to converting to Christianity. As he spanked her bare bottom, over and over, Joe said, "Lori-Anne, you know you need to be saved. You'll have a new life now, and if you're a good girl for me we're going to have a happy marriage. If you're naughty, though, you need to know that you'll suffer the consequences. That's the kind of man I am."

Big Joe Weston hadn't fucked what he called Lori-Anne's "cute little Lori-pussy" yet.

"I'ma save that for our wedding-night, darlin'," he said. His voice, with its stern authority, made Lori-Anne swoon, whenever Joe told her how it was going to be.

Joe fucked Lori-Anne's face, though, with great regularity. Right after he had put the engagement ring on Lori-Anne's finger, for example, he had told her to kneel down in front of him and to get ready to suck his enormous cock. Lori-Anne had been terribly afraid, because she knew how rough Joe liked to get when he made her give head, and she worried--justifiably, as it turned out--that he would be even rougher that night.

But Joe had growled, "Do I need to put your cuff on, Lori-Anne?" The cuff went around the parts of her that Lori-Anne thought of as her naughty bits: the big clitoris that extended shamefully from her loins and the little sack that should be on the inside but was instead humiliatingly external.

Lori-Anne hated the cuff that went around her naughty bits, but she knew that Joe only put it on her for her own good, to teach her to give him his way. Sometimes, falling asleep in bed at night, thinking about what her life would be like with Joe, after they were married, and thinking about what the wedding would be like, Lori-Anne wondered if Joe would make her wear the cuff often--maybe even every day. Would she have to wear it under her beautiful white gown?

She didn't think so, because the cuff made her naughty bits bulge out, so that Lori-Anne didn't look right in her panties--and there was nothing Joe liked to see more than he liked to see Lori-Anne looking nice and smooth up front in a lovely pair of lacy panties. As she took Joe's cock deep down her throat that night, the night he had asked her to marry him, she had tried to think about how much fun it would be to plan her transformation into the perfect Christian bride--the kind of girl who should wear the special panties Joe gave her, keeping her naughty bits out of sight the way a good bride does.

Joe growled to let Lori-Anne know it was time to swallow his spunk. "Get ready, honeypie," he said, and seized her around the back of her head, to hold her still so he could fuck as hard as he wanted. Lori-Anne wasn't allowed to look Joe in the eyes when she was having her face fucked, but she knew that he was looking down and taking delight in the sight of poor Lori-Anne, the special girl he had chosen as his own, to wed, and to spank, and to fuck, struggling to please him as he deserved.

After Joe had come down Lori-Anne's throat, he sat her on his lap and played with her big, awkward clit until Lori-Anne sighed, and the clit got embarrassingly hard.

"That's okay, honeypie," Joe said as he wanked her. "I like you just the way you are, right now. Go ahead and let your wetness come."

It did come, when Joe rubbed Lori-Anne's enormous clit, just a little bit, and then of course it spurted out onto Joe's hands, which made Lori-Anne blush furiously, but Joe said again, "Don't worry, darlin'. If I didn't like the way you were made down here I wouldn't be marrying you, and having you get baptized."

That was when Lori-Anne looked up at Joe and said, "Do I really have to be baptized, Joe?"

Joe said, "Of course you do, honeypie."

Lori-Anne said, "Are you sure, Joe? Couldn't I attend church for a few months and see if it's right for me?"

But Joe sighed, and said, "Lori-Anne, I gotta spank you now, I guess, to get my point across." Without another word, and in an instant, Joe had turned Lori-Anne over his lap, and bared her bottom, which Lori-Anne was at least proud to remember she had waxed for him, that morning. Lori-Anne liked how firm her bottom-cheeks were--Joe praised her often and said how much he looked forward to opening them up and going for his first ride there, on their wedding-night. She didn't like how hard Big Joe Weston spanked, though, and she was crying before he had even given her twenty spanks with the paddle Lori-Anne had carry around in her purse for the purpose.

"Dammit, Lori-Anne," Joe said in and among the sharp cracks of the leather against Lori-Anne's bottom. "Why can't I get it through your pretty little head that if you want to be saved, converting to the true faith is the only way. Do you want to burn in hellfire, girl?"

"No, Joe," Lori-Anne sobbed.

"Good. We'll get you baptized this Sunday, just like we planned, and my sister Kay will take you wedding-dress shopping and to the beauty-parlor on Saturday."

Kay Weston, big Joe's sister, delighted in serving the perfect complement to her brother, when it came to getting his "girls" ready. She had accepted when they were both still in early adolescence (Kay was five years older than Joe) that Joe's erotic orientation deviated from the norms to which their Baptist parents adhered. Kay herself had her own deviations, and they meshed beautifully with Joe's: Kay liked to put boys in their place, and deprive them of their masculinity, and Joe liked to fuck the girls Kay made for him.

Lori-Anne had already been Kay's masterpiece, before Joe asked her to marry him. Kay considered that in bringing the two of them to the altar, and in bringing Lori-Anne over into the light from the benighted faith of her birth, she had begun a great and holy work of emasculation.

Now, picking Lori-Anne up at her little apartment for the wedding-dress expedition, Kay could hardly contain her pride at the how feminine Lori-Anne moved, getting into the car just like a blushing bride should, with her feet tucked under her. Lori-Anne's long, reddish hair was gathered into a pony-tail, and Kay could see that she had applied her make-up very carefully.

But Kay's method did not involve much praise. "We'll have to wax you much more thoroughly for the wedding, girl," she said. "Joe doesn't want to feel anything but a smooth cheek when he's fucking your face."

The beauty-parlor came first. It was a very special establishment, which Kay had actually had a hand in financing and, like Lori-Anne herself, the salon was her pride and joy. There, the make-up Lori-Anne had put on herself was removed, and her long hair was washed by the skillful hands of Yolanda, the owner of the salon. Lori-Anne blushed deeply, of course, to have the evidence revealed that she was not everything she wished she were, but Kay reassured her.

"Don't you worry, sweetheart. Joe understands that it's going to take a lot of work to make you into the girl he sees inside you."

Yolanda, who lived for Kay's transformational mission, and loved to contemplate all the various facets of it, said, "We'll be sure your special little pussy looks just the way your groom wants it sweetheart. He's really not going to care about a tiny bit of stubble on your legs when he turns you over and has you spread your cheeks for him."

"But," said Lori-Anne, "that will be after the reception, so I'll need to look perfect until then, won't I?" She looked anxiously at Kay, who stood with her back to the counter, watching Yolanda work on Lori-Anne's face, applying a layer of foundation so smooth that Kay could hardly believe she wasn't looking at Lori-Anne's own skin. "He'll have hours to look at my hair, and my dress, and my makeup."

Yolanda glanced at Kay. The beauty-salon owner knew Joe almost as well as Kay herself did--and both of them knew him better than Lori-Anne.

"Well," Kay said slowly, "if I know Big Joe…"

Lori-Anne's eyes opened wide, in alarm. Kay could see that her future sister-in-law knew Joe well enough that any time Kay brought up something about him that made him stand out from other bridegrooms, it couldn't bode well for her dreams of playing the treasured princess.

Once Kay had Lori-Anne in the dressing-room--which was absolutely sumptuous, with champagne for the bride-to-be, and canapés, and catalogue after catalogue full of the most beautiful and elegant gowns imaginable--she closed the door against the salesladies and said, "Everything off, now, Lori-Anne, and don't make a fuss."

Lori-Anne's courage failed her. She whispered, "But, Kay, they'll see my… my things."

"Not after we get you into your bridal lingerie, sweetie," said Kay. "Take off all your clothes, and make sure you keep that big clit of yours hidden between your legs. Once we have some nice lacy panties on you, it will get easier."

So, trembling, Lori-Anne took off her top, and her padded bra, and her skirt, and the everyday panties Joe liked her to wear. She didn't like to look in the mirror, but Kay came and put her arm around Lori-Anne's shoulders, and turned her firmly so that she had too look at herself. There stood Lori-Anne in her beautiful make-up, with her beautiful hair. Really, when she arranged herself properly, and hid her things down between her legs, she felt like the bride she had always wanted to be.

Then came the embarrassing part, of course. Kay believed very strongly in the need to humiliate Lori-Anne, because she knew that her brother Big Joe liked to see his bride blush as much as Kay did. When the saleslady peeked in, Kay put her arm around Lori-Anne's shoulders, and turned her to face the woman.

Lori-Anne covered her bosom with her right arm and her privates, where she had squeezed out of sight the ungainly, useless parts that belonged to the self Big Joe would soon take her away from, with her left hand. She hoped desperately that despite the awkward bent-kneed posture she must hold in order to make herself look feminine the saleslady, an elegant dark-haired girl in her late 20s, wouldn't think anything might be amiss.

But Kay--as Lori-Anne should have anticipated--had other plans. "Can you go get us some white lace lingerie, sweetie?" she said to the saleslady. "As you can see--" (here she gestured at the lower half of poor, blushing Lori-Anne's body) "--the panties should be pretty big."

The part about the panties was done quickly, thank goodness. Lori-Anne donned the lacy thong, and if she stood just the right way she couldn't even see in the mirror that her clit was bigger than it should be.

"We'll have to wax you down there, of course," said Kay as she stood next to Lori-Anne and looked appraisingly at the image in the mirror. "But I think Joe will like what he sees. Enough to put you over the pillows and give that Lori-Anne pussy of yours what it deserves, anyway."

Lori-Anne blushed. "What about the bra?" she asked tentatively. The bra couldn't really be as lacy as Lori-Anne really would have wanted, because it had to hold the padding to make her bosom look the way it should, but it did have lovely scalloped edges.

"Now Lori-Anne," said Kay, "don't be silly. Do you think that Joe would be marrying you if he cared about tits?"

"No," Lori-Anne whispered.

So Lori-Anne tried full-figure dress after full-figured dress. She thought she looked lovely in most of them, but when she shyly turned to Kay, she found that her mentor--her trainer, really, in the ways of being Joe's perfect bride--still wore a dissatisfied look. All Lori-Anne wanted was to find a gown so that they could move on to looking for the part of the bridal ensemble that made her heart stop every time she imagined herself wearing it: the veil.

Finally, when Lori-Anne had begun to cry after Kay rejected the third dress about which Lori-Anne had said, "Don't I look beautiful?" Kay gave her a stern look.

"Don't think I don't know what you're doing, Lori-Anne," she said.

"What am I doing?" Lori-Anne replied, thunder-struck.

"You're pretending you don't understand what Joe's really interested in, when it comes to how you look on your wedding-day. You think you're going to be a princess all in white, when what you'll really be is my brother's little whore."

"Oh, Kay," Lori-Anne replied, "please… I mean…"

"Are you saying that you don't want to be Joe's little whore? Because I find that rather surprising, Lori-Anne."

"No… I-I just…"

But Kay had walked to a straight-backed chair in the dressing-room, and sat down upon it. She was fishing in her purse, now.

"Please, Kay," Lori-Anne pleaded. "Please, not the hairbrush."

"Come here, Lori-Anne," Kay said, brandishing her walnut hairbrush. "Little whores need to learn their place."

Kay's hairbrush rose and fell on Lori-Anne's bare bottom.

"Ow! Kay! I'm sorry," Lori-Anne wailed.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be when I tell Joe what you said."

"Kay! Please don't tell Joe! He'll whip me--you know he will!"

Then the worst possible thing happened: Lori-Anne, whose face was of course turned to the carpet of the dressing room, the skirts of the gown she was trying on raised to expose her bottom, her panties down to show her unfortunate testicles which Kay of course didn't hesitate to spank in addition to Lori-Anne's bottom, heard Kay say, "Oh, hi--don't worry--come on in. Lori-Anne here is just getting a little lesson."

"No," the shocked, confused voice of the sales-lady said, "that's… alright. I'll come back."

At least Kay relented a little after she had tanned Lori-Anne's hide good and properly. Lori-Anne was allowed to try on the veils, though the experience felt bittersweet. Kay had called Joe to tell him about Lori-Anne's spanking as soon as it was over, and Joe had told Kay to put him on the phone with Lori-Anne.

"Darlin'," Joe had said, "you know what you got comin' from my belt, don't you?"

"Yes, sir," Lori-Anne had whispered.

So as she tried on the beautiful lacy veils, and even as Kay praised her for looking so very Christian, and so very pure, Lori-Anne couldn't help feeling her already tingly bottom tingle even more as she thought about how Joe would whip her that night.

On the way home, Kay was very talkative, the way she often seemed to be when she knew that Lori-Anne had a punishment coming.

"Now your mama will be at the wedding, won't she, sweetie?" Kay asked. "She knows about how you're Joe's little Lori-Anne now, and not her son anymore, doesn't she?"

Lori-Anne blushed fiercely. "Y-yes," she stammered. "I mean, I told mom that… that I'd found someone."

Kay seemed to pick up on Lori-Anne's hesitation immediately. "Wait," she said sharply. "Your mama knows that you found a man, doesn't she? A real man?"

Lori-Anne looked down at her hands, in her lap where she sat on the leather seat of Kay's sporty SUV. "Mom knows I'm… special," she mumbled.

Kay laughed. "She just doesn't know how special? She doesn't know that you need a guy like my brother to take you in hand and tell you how it's going to be--how you're going to be his Christian bride, and his little whore?"

"No, mom doesn't know that part," Lori-Anne whispered.

"But she's coming to the wedding, isn't she?"

Lori-Anne could only nod, the tears starting to run down her face.

"What did you tell her she was coming to see?" The condescending puzzlement in Kay's voice made Lori-Anne feel faint.

"I told her it was a big party that my friends were throwing for me." The whole thing seemed so foolish to Lori-Anne now, here in the car with Kay. She had somehow deluded herself into thinking that if her mom could see how much Joe loved her, and what good care Kay took of her, and how beautiful she looked in her wedding gown, her mom would suddenly come around and see how happy Lori-Anne was to be Joe Weston's Christian bride.

"Well," Kay said matter-of-factly, "Joe's gonna hear about this. He's not gonna be happy that your mama doesn't understand the way things are."

And so Kay took it upon herself to write a note to Lori-Anne's mama, when she had discussed the matter with Joe. Joe had invited Kay to watch him punish Lori-Anne, and so they drafted the note together sitting on the couch while Lori-Anne wept with her nose to the corner of the living room and her bare bottom showing a mess of angry red welts from Joe's broad leather belt.

Dear Mrs. Cohen, the note went, My name is Kay Weston, and I'm going to be your daughter Lori-Anne's sister-in-law in just a few weeks. I know you're scratching your head, thinking I must have the wrong Mrs. Cohen, but it's time you knew that your "son" "Wesley" is really a daughter, named Lori-Anne. I'm happy to say that my brother Joe has taken Lori-Anne in hand, and is providing her with the discipline she so richly needs. I'm also happy to say that this Sunday Lori-Anne will be baptized into the true faith, so you needn't worry at all about the state of her soul. Finally, I'm thrilled to say that on Saturday the 25th, Joe will make an honest woman of your daughter, and that the party to which Lori-Anne invited you is actually her wedding to my brother! I know you'll be as thrilled as I am by the transformation Joe has brought about in your daughter: when I first met Lori-Anne, she was a willful, vain creature who didn't know how to please a man properly, but Joe has cured her of those unsubmissive ways.

In fact, Mrs. Cohen, you'll probably be quite surprised to learn that your daughter received a whipping just tonight, for the disrespect she showed her fiancé while she and I were out shopping for her wedding gown this afternoon. I witnessed the whipping myself, and I can report that my brother knows how to tan a hide so that a girl learns her lesson. Lori-Anne is standing right across the room from me right now, with her nose to the corner, and her backside is covered with a mess of pretty red streaks. I don't think she'll be sassing anyone again soon, and so you can expect her to be on her best behavior when she sees you at the wedding.

Just so's you understand how it is, Mrs. Cohen, Lori-Anne has learned to take my brother's manhood deep down her throat, but she'll be a virgin on her wedding-night, and entitled to wear that white gown. Don't worry your pretty head about your daughter's lack of "real" lady bits, because that's just how Joe likes her: he often tells me that the thought of using what Lori-Anne does have just like a traditional bridegroom does with a traditional, all night long, thrills him even more when he thinks of what a special kind of love he and your sweet daughter have.

Well, I'd better go, Mrs. Cohen. Joe wants me to help Lori-Anne get ready to please him with her mouth. I can't wait to meet you and congratulate you on your daughter's good fortune!

Very truly yours,

Kay Weston

That Sunday, as Joe had promised, he brought Lori-Anne to church to get her baptized. The preacher at Joe's church was a very open-minded and liberal clergyman in certain ways, but also very conservative in others. He made it clear to Joe that he would have to examine Lori-Anne very carefully, and in private, before he would consent to baptize her.

Joe was a little taken aback, since he tended to get his own way in every situation, but he knew to be humble before the Lord. He also had a feeling he knew why Reverend White really wanted to get Lori-Anne alone before the baptism.

The preacher himself confirmed that suspicion almost immediately. "As you know, Joe, I understand completely about what we can just call Lori-Anne's biological realities. We discussed that thoroughly two years ago, when I first got to town, if you'll recall."

"And I'm very grateful for your understanding of my preferences, reverend," Joe said, nodding.

"I think the time has probably come, now that you've found a sweet little thing like Lori-Anne, to tell you that I share those preferences, and that before I baptize her I'd like to take her into my study and get a nice, thorough, sampling of the bridal charms."

Joe, as a good religious man, swallowed his jealousy at the thought of what the preacher would do with his "girl."

"I'll bring her by Sunday mornin' early," he said.

Sunday morning at 7, he led Lori-Anne down the aisle of the little white church where she would be baptized later that day and then married the following week. Lori-Anne seemed over-awed to be in the sanctuary when it wasn't full of good Christians, and when the organ wasn't playing a good old hymn like "Rock of Ages."

"Joe," she said, "are you sure it's okay? I mean, with the preacher, that I'm here even though I'm not baptized yet?"

Joe smiled. "Darlin'," he said, "I'm pretty sure Reverend White likes it that way, seein' what he's plannin' to do with you in his study this mornin' before your baptism."

Lori-Anne's eyes went very wide. "Wh–what's that?" she asked with obvious trepidation.

"You'll just have to wait and see, and be my good girl, darlin'."

Reverend White rose from his walnut desk in the little study when Joe and Lori-Anne stepped through the door. The preacher had a big, toothy smile, but something about the way he looked at her made Lori-Anne think he might not be as nice a man as he first appeared.

"Well, Lori-Anne!" he said in his pleasant drawl. "It's such a pleasure. I've been waitin' so long to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you, reverend," Lori-Anne said tentatively.

Reverend White looked at Joe. "Isn't that sweet?" he said. "She talks just like a Christian girl."

"I told you you'd love her, reverend," Joe said, shaking the preacher's hand.

"Joe," said Reverend White, "why don't you just have a walk? I'll be a little while examining your pretty bride, if you know what I mean."

Lori-Anne looked at Big Joe in panic. What did the preacher mean? Examining her? But Joe just gave her a peck on the forehead and said, "You be a good girl for the preacher, now, Lori-Anne," and left the little study, closing the door behind him.

Lori-Anne turned to Reverend White, hoping desperately to find that her suspicions about this examination were unfounded. Instead, she found a hungry look in the preacher's eyes, though his broad white smile didn't waver.

"Go ahead and take your clothes off, girl," Reverend White said, with an emphasis on girl so degrading that Lori-Anne thought the Earth would swallow her up. "We don't have much time, and I want to examine you as closely as I can. Don't you worry about me seeing those shameful parts you shouldn't have, between your legs. I understand about all that, just like your fiancé does."

Lori-Anne had no choice. She had to unzip her cute little dress, and let it drop to the floor. Would the preacher let her keep her push-up bra and the special smoothing panties that made her look like a girl should look down there?

He made an impatient sound in his throat. "Everything off, now," he said. Then, apparently impatient, he stepped forward and seized the front of Lori-Anne's panty hose and panties and pulled them down so that her terribly oversized clit sprang free, and even the pouch beneath, with the ovaries that should be inside her but weren't. 

Lori-Anne gave a little cry, but of course the humiliation, so like what Big Joe gave her so often, made her clit get long and hard.

"You're a filthy little thing, aren't you, Lori-Anne?" Reverend White murmured. "Look at that. Turn around and bend over, girl, so I don't have to see your shame. And spread those cheeks for me, so I can make sure Mr. Weston has a nice place to enjoy himself on your wedding-night."

While Lori-Anne had to hold her bottom open to show the preacher where her fiancé would take his pleasure on her wedding-night, the man of the cloth instructed her on her duties as a Christian wife. He put his finger right on her little Lori-Anne pussy, much too small and round, and said, "Some call what men like your Joe and I do back here, to girls like you, irregular, but it's the only way to make sure you understand what it means to a good girl, now isn't it?"

"Yes, sir," Lori-Anne whispered.

"Joe's done the right thing in not having you here, yet. Have you done the right thing by giving him your mouth regularly? Does he pour his seed down your throat when the need comes upon him, as it does upon all Christian men?"

"Yes, sir."

"Go ahead and show me now, girl
Turn around and kneel in front of your friend Reverend White. You're going to have holy seed in your belly this morning when I baptize you."

Trembling, Lori-Anne obeyed. The preacher lowered his black trousers, and there was his upstanding Christian cock. Lori-Anne had never sucked any cock but Joe's, but Joe had told her that she must make Reverend White happy. She knew that sucking her fiancé's cock was her Christian duty, so sucking the preacher's cock must also mean that she would go to heaven, once he had baptized her.

His cock wasn't as long as Joe's, but it was thick, and now Reverend White had reached down impatiently to open up her mouth with his fingers so that he could shove it in, and start to move Lori-Anne's mouth back and forth. She gagged instantly, but she could tell he didn't care, and that made the floaty feeling she sometimes got when Joe was whipping her and taking her mouth come on and lift her out of herself.

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