Friday, November 28, 2014

Whipped at the railway hotel in Abilene #SatSpanks

I'm really excited to announce that my historical western The Outlaw's Daughter came out yesterday!
"Maybe it's a little peculiar to try to teach you this way, but we're in a peculiar situation, here as man and wife in this hotel room, and one of the things I feel like you need to know is the meaning of modesty. So when you disobey me the way you did last night when you shot Jenkins, from now on you're gonna lose your right to cover yourself down there, when I'm around, until I feel like you've learned your lesson." 
Maggie's little mouth twisted in an expression of woe, and her face went very red. Slowly, she loosed the towel, and let it drop. Travis wondered, at the cock-stiffening sight of her just in the shirt, whether he could go through with his plan for this lesson without losing control, but he steeled himself, and said, "Now lift the front of the shirt and show me your pussy, Maggie. You lost the right to hide it." 
Would this really help her learn about modesty? Well, to judge from her furious blush, it might.
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  1. Interesting punishment, will have to check this one out.

  2. I need to know if this lesson works on Maggie.

  3. Hmmm...I wonder if this punishment would work or not. Great snippet!! :-)

  4. Wow! This sounds super hot, and I've known some smokin' cowboys from Abilene.

  5. That was a super ht snippet Emily. I love the way you work words. :)

  6. wonderful snippet, Emily. I love his notion on teaching modesty and wondering at how the lesson might back fire on him