Friday, May 23, 2014

Edward VII, spanker royal #SatSpanks

Partly in honor of the Second Notebook having been fortunate enough to be on Spanking Stories Book Club yesterday, and partly just to shift gears and get ready for the release of the penultimate book of EXPLORATIONS, here's something from the forthcoming Emily's Discovery (update: it's here! Click!):
The Prince of Wales and I stood in the drawing room of the lovely house outside Boulogne, alone. 
"Mrs. Wilkes," said the future king of England, "I believe you are a very naughty girl." 
I blushed deeply, and said, "I am, your Highness." 
"I hope you will not think it untoward of me," he continued, "but I should confess to you right away that I have a great fondness for correcting the naughty conduct of young ladies. Do you find that untoward of me?" 
"No, your Highness," I replied. 
"I am very much afraid that I feel the need to chastise you immediately, Mrs. Wilkes. There is something about you that makes a man think that your naughtiness is always in need of discipline."
No blurb yet, even, so you can be about your SatSpanks business. Remember that Tara's Corbin's Bend book Exile to Unity is coming this week!

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  1. She certainly is starting at the top! Good snippet, Emily.

  2. The formality of the dialogue and yet the almost careless way the Prince of Wales announces his intentions, in a way that will not brook argument makes that so absolutely, deliciously dominant. He just knows he will have his way. Yum.

    Thank you so much for the advertising <3

  3. Good snippet and she is giving him all the right answers.

  4. Oh heavens! Spanked by a prince, huh? MMMMM

  5. Love this interchange. So much fun.

  6. A fun conversation, and she certainly has found herself to be with someone very important. To be disciplined by royalty would indeed be a reward.

  7. A prince who spanks? I think I'm in love. Hot snippet.

  8. gorgeous emotion in the snippet, Emily. I love the dialogue

  9. LOL!!! I think the Prince of Wales should chastise anyone he pleases!!